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Don’t Let Monday Get You Down

If you live in Cape Town you’ve probably just had a killer weekend. It’s been sunny and beautiful throughout, great weather for floating in large bodies of cool water not thinking about anything.



The longer you live here, the easier it gets to really enjoy your weekends on a level people who live and work in Joburg will never understand.

I’ve always said there’s an art to getting weekends right and since we’ve moved to Cape Town and out of the wooden shitshack we used to be holed up in in the middle of a wine farm in Stellenbosch, we’ve had a pretty good run.

Of course it makes Mondays tricky, but they needn’t be.

Just put your headphones on and listen to my good friend Devendra Banhart’s chilled out melodies and take a deep breath.



Feelin’ better? Good. Now calmly pack your desk up, walk out of your office and never go back. Buy a ticket to somewhere sunny and make a living mixing cocktails on the beach and spear fishing in your free time.

We don’t need to be here.