The Simple Things

Today we stop everything we’re doing and take a minute to reflect on the inherent joy in the simple things.

We went to the beach a few weekends back and I took the following picture of a tree:



This picture perfectly sums up what I’m talking about. The tiny wooden bridge, the thick green grass, the white sand, you can almost feel it between your toes, these simple things are important. They have a way of lifting your spirits when life gets shitty – losing sight of these simple pleasures is a one way ticket to misery and brother, you don’t want to take that ride.

Children understand this without having to be told. They can spend hours picking up and scrutinising shells on a beach or getting totally lost in the simple act of making mud pies but as we get older bigger, badder things come our way and it’s easy to get lost in the fight.

Take pleasure in a simple act today. Run a bath, eat some ice cream, go for a swim, listen to Frank Sinatra, go for a walk, climb a tree. We give a lot of time away without realising that it’s really all we have and it’s running out fast. So take some back today, it’s good for the soul.

In other news J-Rab has a job interview today at a vet that would be perfect for her. She’s nervous for the interview, we’ve got a lot riding on this so guys, spare a thought for her today, cross fingers, cross toes, send good vibes and maybe that simple act will change our lives Winking smile

Here’s hopin’.


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  1. 1 clare
    March 10, 2011 at 11:33 am

    The Secret Beach! Why are you publishing pictures of The Secret Beach? Dude. Now everyone will want to go there. And it’s not a very big beach.


    Ah well. I’ll cross fingers that the interview goes well and that no-one figures out where The Secret Beach is.

    • March 10, 2011 at 11:44 am

      Ahh yes, The Secret Beach. None shall know it’s location for yes! It is a small beach and quite possibly perfect in every conceivable way.

      Don’t worry Clare, there’s no way I’ll reveal it’s location, I don’t want people bulldozing it to make room for a seaside Macdonalds, not on my watch!

      Thanks for the kind words about the interview, J-Rab thanks you 🙂


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