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Let The Good Times Roll

220px-1859-Martinique.webThings have been quiet here at Tiger HQ as you may have noticed over the past few days, but it’s nothing to freak out about, I haven’t lost my blogging mojo, I’m just on holiday, being a lazy ass.

Christmas was awesome, spent it with J-Rab’s family soaking up the sun by the pool and stuffing our faces with more food than you can shake a stick at.

Otherwise I’ve been taking it super easy-breezy, reading, drinking and writing. Actually managed to bang a short screenplay out for the Jameson / Kevin Spacey competition and entered it. If I win, Kevin Spacey will produce and act in my short movie!


The Tiger’s Top 10 Albums of 2011

1247423079-photoI tell ya, I’ve been putting this fucking post off for a good two weeks now while everyone else’s top 50, 20, 10 and 5 lists have been flooding the Twittersphere.

And no, it’s not because I wanted to suss their lists first to make sure mine’s not crap, it’s because there were so many great albums that landed this year I don’t know where the fuck to start.

In the end, I followed the tried and tested method of sorting my iTunes library by year and scrolling down whilst mentally jogging through all the albums I listened to this year, yielding the following scientifically accurate results…



Today We Take The Easy Way Out

cora-skinner-8Fuck it’s been a hardcore year. It’s not just me right? You guys feel it too, I know this because we are closely connected psychically. I’m in your head right now in fact, that’s my voice you’re hearing – hello!

So yeah. I’m fucking frazzelled guys, seriously. So I’m taking the easy way out today and doing something us bloggers like to refer to as “shooting fish in a barrel” – ie. posting pictures of hotties to get hits.

Absolutely NO intellectual content here whatsoever, just my good friend Cora Skinner (courtesy of Next Round) hanging out in a swimming cozzie.






Wishing You A Calvin & Hobbes Christmas

tumblr_lvliwpwHgf1r74shoo1_250Was there ever a pair of comic book characters more awesome than Calvin and Hobbes? I must have about 8 or 9 collected volumes of Calvin and Hobbes and I think I’ve read them about 5 times each.

Creator Bill Watterson is truly a genius. Calvin & Hobbes is a perfect mixture of wacky humour, philosophy, morality and youthful innocence. It also has a tiger in it, which immediately makes it a winner in my books.

What I really loved about C&H though was how intelligent Calvin is – he sprouts words even I have to look up sometimes and has this dark, twisted sense of humour that I really relate to.


Okes Who Like To Klap It #10: ANTON TAYLOR

Anton5Once in a while a oke come along who is not just a normal oke, he’s not just another chop head who doesn’t unnerstand the meaning of getting MASSIVE, RIPPED and BUFF and banging hot BELTERS!

This oke, he can be called a LEGEND among men, he can be called the CHOSEN CHARNA. This oke can KILL you with a LOOK, OR he can safe lives by curing any disease – AIDS, TERBUCULOZES, PREGNANCY, ANYTHING – with a flippin’ high five.

This oke walks amongst us, KLAPPING IT, MOERING okes who are kak, BANGING hot BELTERS and being a LEGEND and his name… is ANTON TAYLOR.



80s Dating Videos. Wow.

80s GuyWhether you’re being ironic or not, obsessing over how incredible the 80s were is sad.

The music was pretty awful, people dressed like they’d done a LOT of coke and raided a cheap dress-up store, everyone’s hairstyles were beyond retarded and the entire world was just really, really cheesy and fucking weird.

To prove my point, here’s a dating video that someone unearthed from the 80s that features a collection of the ugliest, creepiest, saddest and downright scariest men you’re likely to see outside of a rape suspect lineup at your nearest police station.

Except for Fred the Viking. He’s flippin’ awesome Winking smile



Treefiddy Review: The Black Keys – El Camino

BlackKeys_DannyClinch_150The Down Lizzo:

Two years ago you had no idea who they were, then Brothers dropped and their muddy, garage-blues slowly started creeping into your life.

So you got your mitts on the album and before you knew it, you were telling everyone that would listen about how much you love The Black Keys (you still haven’t heard anything earlier than Attack & Release though).

And now you find yourself reading this to find out what your Tiger pal thinks of their new album, El Camino, even though you probably already own it.

Well, I fucking love it, and here’s why.


Foy Vance Conquers &Union

13597aThe true merit of any musician is not measured in a recording studio, it is measured from the minute they step onstage until the minute they step off.

As a performer it can be intensely nerve wracking, especially if you’re going up there alone in front of a crowd a hundred thousand miles from home that knows you for one or two songs if you’re lucky.

But if Irish singer / songwriter Foy Vance was nervous before he went onstage at &Union in Cape Town last Friday night to deliver one of the best performances I’ve heard this year, he sure as hell didn’t show it.


Foy Vance Gig Tonight

foy-vance-300Here’s the dealy-o – at this very moment, there is a singer / songwriter in Cape Town that I had the privilege of hearing last night who is not only phenomenally talented, but is also a stand up guy on all counts.

His name is Foy Vance and he was flown out here from Northern Ireland to play a gig at a brand event we were working on yesterday.

I was standing not 2 meters from the stage while this man was performing and just the memory of that, I shit you not, is giving me goosebumps.


New Black Keys Album Has Landed!

The-Black-Keys-El-CaminoTechnically it actually landed yesterday, but being a laggard, your Tiger pal only got his claws in it as of 15 minutes ago.

If “Lonely Boy”, the first single off their new album El Camino is anything to go by, this album could very well top all the others I’ve heard this year and claim the coveted prize of The Tiger’s Best Album of 2011.

That would make The Black Keys the first band to EVER top my favourite album list two years running.

So far I’m 8 tracks in and I’m gonna be straight up honest here and say I like what I’m hearing Winking smile