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Hands Up Who Remembers THIS Shit…

04apr23-awesome-failMaking something go viral is a fine art.

You could shoot something that is straight up mind-blowingly amazing. A show of skill that NO ONE can top – Damien Walters falls into this category (watch his showreels, holy shit).

Or maybe you get lucky enough to shoot the exact opposite, ie. someone failing in a way that is so spectacularly hilarious and painful to watch it becomes an instant viral hit.

Lastly you could shoot something that is so terribly LAME, whether it’s intentional or not, that people instantly forward it to EVERYONE THEY KNOW (“Gingers Do Have Souls”, I’m looking at you buddy). THAT’S how I stumbled on this next video, way back in 2006…

Anyone remember… “aicha aicha”?!

Yeah. This is happening.



After six years, a good buddy sent me this yesterday and I clicked play thinking I’d piss myself laughing like I did when I first saw it, but instead I watched in numb horror at how very, very bad this is.

If this guy shot this video today and put it up on YouTube, absolutely nothing would happen.

I honestly think that as an audience we’ve become a lot harder to please which is why if this had to go live tomorrow no one would tweet it, post it to Facebook, share it with their friends or possibly even laugh at it.

Am I being too harsh? Anyone out there watching this for the first time? What did you think?

Also feel free to unearth a few more long dead videos and slap ‘em in the comments section while I leave you with another gem from way back that is actually still pretty funny to watch.



Haha! The black guy with the afro eating the floor still gets me every time.

I love you internet Winking smile