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Adventure Gamers Rejoice!

GrimFandangoFrom 1987 when Maniac Mansion hit the scene, until around 2000 when Grim Fandango and Escape From Monkey Island were released, Lucas Arts made some of the finest adventure games known to man.

Ask any kid who grew up in the 90s and he’ll tell you straight up those games (Indiana Jones, Day Of The Tentacle, Sam & Max, Full Throttle, Monkey Island, etc) were the stuff our childhood was made of.

But then the 2000s hit and adventure games suddenly died. First person shooters, sandbox-style games like GTA, and epic titles like God Of War took over and adventure game fans were left wanting. Until now…

My buddy Civilian sent me a link on Friday to one of the craziest projects I’ve read about in a LONG time.



Tim Schafer, the co-designer of The Secret Of Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge and Day of the Tentacle and the designer of Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, Psychonauts and most recently, Brutal Legend, is making a game funded entirely by donations from adventure game lovers.

You can get the full story about the game by clicking these magical underlined words, but the single most amazing thing about it for me is that he set a target of $300 000 to make the game and $100 000 to get a production crew to film the entire project from start to finish.



The project goes live on Tuesday, March 13th and you know how much money they’ve raised to date?

You’d better sit down for this:

$1 635 530!

Which just goes to show, there are a LOT of adventure game fans out there who would pay good money to be able to play more titles like those iconic adventure games from the 90s.



I think it’s a brilliant idea and can’t wait to see what the guys come up with. They’ll easily top the $2m mark when it comes to donations – when I first checked the site on Friday evening it was at $1.3m and now, exactly two days later, it’s already on $1.6m. THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND FUCKING DOLLARS IN TWO DAYS!

How goddamn awesome is the internet?

Too goddamn awesome for words Winking smile