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Google Proves Humans Are Hilariously Stupid

StupidHaircutsI know you guys have probably already read at least five blog posts that show the hilarious results of Google’s search suggestions but seriously, these ones take the cake.

Because I’m an honest thief, I don’t mind telling you guys that I stole these shamelessly from Bored Panda (go have a look, great way to kill 30 mins).

Having read these, all I can say is DAMN! Humans are DUMB, really DUMB, for real. Some of my favourites include “why are mexicans so perverted”, “i am extremely terrified of chinese people”, “is it healthy to eat boogers” and the classic “why do i have green poop”.













So there ya have it folks. Friday lolz from your Tiger pal.

See ya’ll next week. The weekend’s beckoning bitches and it’s high time I got my drink AWN!