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Celebrity Prank Proves How Desperate For Attention People Are

Fake CelebIt’s insane how much people crave attention these days. I swear, if there was a way to measure humankind’s collective self esteem over the ages, right now it would be in the negative figures.

As a blogger, I guess I’m a fine one to talk though, I mean why do it if not for the attention right?

Sure, you got me there but trust me, what you’re about to see is a whole other level of desperate attention seeking.

Brett Cohen came up with the genius idea of faking that he was a big time celebrity by walking around the streets of New York with an entire entourage of photographers, videographers and managers and wow. People lapped that shit right up.

See the hilarious results below.



I love the way people even go so far as to say they love his movies and think he a great musician.

They don’t give a shit about him in any way, shape or form. All they see are cameras and a guy getting lots of attention and all they think is “ATTENTION!IWANTSOMETOO!HOWCANIGETSOMEIWANTSOME!”

How about earning that attention by being totally content to live without it?

The coolest people in history are the people that don’t give a shit about being cool.

Ain’t that wonder Winking smile

Well, that’s all I got for ya today folks, hope you have a killer weekend.

Same time same place next week?

You bet your ass.