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Dig These Radass Summer Jams – The Means

The MeansYour Tiger pal has YOUR best interests at heart. That’s right. His goal in life is to make yours better in every way, whether that’s by making you laugh, helping you to think thoughts, or just playing you some sick summer jams.

It’s been a long week guys, so let’s all kick back, crack open a couple of cold ones and dig this sick South African band that come from The Big Smoke and call themselves The Means.

The video for their new song “Fragile Lines” just landed and I must say, the song is pretty damn catchy which is saying a lot coming from a hardened music critic like your buddy Slicky-T.

Check it:



Very fucking cool ne? I dig it – it’s like The Pixies invited The Cramps over to klap a few bongs, relax to the max and have a jam session.

The Beach Boys might have dropped in as well, just to say hi. But they couldn’t handle the cheese and ended up napping on the couch in the sun.

So don’t be a stranger, go have a look at their site (, like them on Facebook ( and listen up for more tracks from these guys.

In other news, I’m hiking up skeleton gorge tomorrow morning.

Should I be afraid?

Have a killer weekend party people, be safe and remember: it’s better to be a slick willy than a smooth arsehole.