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Move Over Rebecca Black, There’s A New Talentless, Whiny Teenager In Town

WestbrookeI’m sorry I have to start your guy’s Monday like this, really I am, but the video you’re about to see is just too goddamn awful not to share.

The sick, twisted fuckers who wrote and produced Rebecca Black’s classic piece of internet garbage, “Friday”, have somehow lured another unsuspecting teenage girl into their recording studio dungeon to record a song about Thanksgiving.

I swear to God, this is “Friday” all over again. Irritating, whiny teenager in too much makeup – check. Lyrics so bad you’d swear a drunk four-year old wrote them – check. Creepy black dude hanging out with teenage girls despite his restraining order – check. And then out comes the drumstick…



Wow. And just like that, Nicole Westbrook’s life is ruined.

Somebody needs to arrest the paedophiles that lure girls into these videos and lock those sick fucking basterds away for life, starting with the fucker in the turkey suit.

I blame the parents. I mean for fuck’s sake, you saw what happened to Rebecca Black, why in the fuck would you ever allow your daughter to work with the same fuckers that made ol’ Bex so unpopular she had to be taken out of highschool because the other kids wouldn’t stop teasing her about how kak “Friday” was?!

And this is basically the exact same song. “First it was Christmas, then New Year after that, then came Easter…” Christ, no shit!

I have a feeling this could provoke an even worse reaction. Singing into a drumstick that looks like a dick is something that the world will never, EVER let you forget.

It’s just. So. WRONG!