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Escape Monday: GIGANTIC BUGS!

macro-bugs-1-600x528Ok class, hands up who knows what “Focus-Stacking” is? Any photographers here today? No? Well, focus stacking is a technique where photographers combine several images taken at different depths of field.

This results in close-up images that are incredibly detailed and are in super-sharp focus. Combine that technique with a natural curiosity about bugs and you get the resulting images taken by Nicolas Reusens.

Fair warning though, if you have a pathological fear of bugs you’d probably do well to avoid looking at these images AT ALL COSTS. If not, then read on for some of the radassest buggy close-ups you’ve ever seen.









If you want to see more of Nicolas Reusens’ work, you can check out his official page here. It’s well worth it except for the fact that his name is water-marked on every pic (unless you buy them) which kinda spoiled them for me.

Anyway, good luck with the rest of Monday. I think we’re all gonna need it…