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Rollin’ Boulders

how-to-avoid-traffic-jams-35319_2The alarm goes off, you get up, you shuffle off to have a piss, you summon the strength to go through the motions.

In the shower, sleep slides off you, swirls down the plughole. You like the water scalding hot, needles of fire burning into you. It’s good to be alive.

You make breakfast, you think about the day ahead.

Hopefully this action, thinking about the day ahead, fills you with purpose and makes you smile and think, “Cool. I got this. I can do this. Piece of cake.”


A Supercut Of Rémi Gaillard’s Best Pranks

RemiI tell ya, it takes big balls to do what Rémi Gaillard does. This French prankster worms his way onto all kinds of televised sporting events, gameshows and talkshows and causes total havoc.

I guess it’s also a sad indictment on security guards at these events because seriously, how the hell is he able to get onto the pitch / set time and time again and basically video bomb the shit out of that shit?

Maybe it’s a French thing, I dunno, but the results are pretty damn hilarious. Pay special attention to his phenomenal maths on the gameshow where he somehow gets into the audience and answers a question. Priceless.


Escape Monday: A River That Runs Along The Ocean Floor

4440978245_9cf047bdc9My favourite Escape Monday posts are the ones where I find places where unique climatic conditions create surreal environments like gigantic pink lakes and salt pans that turn into perfect mirrors.

Today’s Escape Monday post follows that convention. In Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, there’s a place called Cenote Angelita which is a water-filled cave that has a river running along the ocean floor beneath it.

This is made possible by a thin layer of hydrogen sulphate which separates the freshwater at the top from the saltwater below, creating a truly surreal underwater environment, amplified by the effects of nitrogen narcosis you experience at that depth.

Check it:



Friday LOLZ – Overcast, Shitty Day Edition

azbV1Dj_460sAs the title of this post suggests, today is a shitty, overcast day and there’s no other way to get through it than to just knuckle down and spend the next minute looking at this rad random shit I’ve found.

As usual, I’ve trawled the depth of the interwebs to find some truly bizarre shit to share with you guys and shine a little light before the weekend lands and melts our fucking FACES off with awesomeness.

It’s been a helluva week, one of those ones where at the end all you really want to is schlumf on the couch and veg out in front of the ol’ telly until your brain liquefies.


Desert Dreams

flagsI don’t know what it was that made me fall in love with the desert, or at least the idea of it because the closest I’ve come to experiencing it was staying at Matjiesfontein in the Karoo on road trips from Jozi to CT.

If I think back to my childhood, there’s nothing concrete there either – maybe some half-remembered movie scenes or vague, dusty dreams. The clink of spurs, the rolling tumbleweed, the blood-red sunsets.

Whatever it was, my obsession with desert rock has only made it stronger over the years. It was this shared love of that scene that sparked a connection between myself and Dan Nash who, as I write this, is living the dream.


Scientifically Accurate Ducktales Confirms That Ducks Are On A Whole Other Level Of Messed Up

Scientifically Accurate DucktailsYou guys remember the video I posted awhile back called “True Facts About Ducks?” If so, let me just apologise again for subjecting you to it because ducks, as it turns out, are very, very fucked up.

The guys who brought you “Scientifically Accurate Spiderman” must have watched “True Facts About Ducks” because everything you’re about to see in the following video is indeed true.

All I can say is thank Jeebers we all watched the normal version of Ducktales as children as opposed to the scientifically accurate version because if we’d been subjected to the latter, our fragile little minds would have been irreparably damaged.


SlickTiger Watches The Worst Movie Ever Made, Loves Every Minute Of It

220px-Troll_2_posterRegular readers of this blog probably know by now that I have a weird bent for things that “normal” people probably find unbearably crappy and difficult to sit through.

There’s just something about B-grade that fascinates me. It’s probably a knee-jerk reaction to the over-polished, super-slick, too-cool-for-school mass media world we live in.

There are only so many over-stylised, photoshopped depictions of “reality” I can handle before I start to get bored to tears. Show me something real fer chrissake! Show me something flawed, something fucked up, something truly terrible. It was this desire that lead me to find out about and subsequently watch the worst movie ever made: TROLL 2.


Escape Monday: Hilariously Idiotic Inventions From THe Past

Bizarre-Inventions-Electric-Heat-Jacket-1You gotta take your hat off to inventors – those rare visionaries among us who identify a clear human need, find the perfect way to satisfy that need and in doing so, become filthy stinking rich.

Then there are those slightly less successful inventors who probably outnumber the successful ones by about 10 000 to one. They don’t become nearly as rich and famous because, well, their inventions are total shit.

Speaking of which, here are 15 idiotic inventions from the past that I dug up to help you guys escape Monday by laughing at other people’s dismal attempts to invent something life-changing.

Let’s start with swimming.


Invent A Band Name, Win a Radass Pair Of Converse HighTops

converse-logoIt’s Friday thank Jeebers and to celebrate that fact and spread the word about the Converse Get Out Of The Garage campaign, I’m giving away a sick pair of hightops that I think you guys will dig.

Well, provided you are a man that has size 10 feet and lives in Cape Town. If you are a man who has size 10 feet and lives in Cape Town, give yourself a pat on the back and read on!

If you aren’t, you are still more than welcome to enter the competition, but just know that we’re playing for a brand new pair of Converse size 10 hightops for men okay? Okay. Let’s get started.


The Tiger Hits Up Nothing But Trouble, Has Insane Night

1016737_584734421549850_1621447191_nSo last week I told you guys all about the Nothing But Trouble white collar boxing event that was going down at Sideshow on Saturday which promised to be the sickest night imaginable.

Combine a 1920s prohibition theme, badass amateur boxing, big ticket sponsors and the fact that my man Big City fought like a flippin’ CHAMPION and you have all the makings of a seriously killer time.

Also, don’t forget the whisky. Never forget the whisky. It flowed like sweet nectar and resulted in me getting home in the wee hours only to pull my weathered edition of William Blake’s Complete Works off the shelf and start reading The Proverbs Of Hell to J-Rab at 2am.