A Playlist To Sink Your Weekend Teeth Into

Tiger eating meatThere is fucking amazing music being created at the moment, anyone who tells you otherwise has no idea what the hell they’re talking about and you probably shouldn’t hang out with them anymore.

“But where do I find all this cool music Papa Slick?” I hear you ask in desperation. Well, I have my methods but they involve a shit-ton of sifting through music sites and listening to rubbish before I strike gold.

Good news is when that happens, I put all my best finds together into badass playlists like the one that follows below and all you have to do is kick back, click “play” and let the good times roll muthufukkah!

You will find some old favourites with new shit in this list like my buddies The Hives, QOTSA, Nine Inch Nails, Vampire Weekend and Franz Ferdinand but then I’ve thrown some nice fresh stuff in here you’ve never heard before – killer tracks from CHVRCHES, Daughn Gibson, Lord Huron, Howler and a bit of local flavour with PHFAT.

Dig it:


Dark and Light from SlickTiger on 8tracks Radio.


Have a radass weekend boys and girls! See ya’ll on the other side.


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