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Escape Monday: Jaw-Dropping Landscape Photography

Lukas-Farlan-Photography-14-640x425It’s so funny that of all the things I’ve started on this site, all the features and crazy shit I’ve tried to keep up, the two posts that just keep on giving are “Escape Mondays” and “Friday LOLZ”.

They’ve probably endured for so long because hardly any effort is required from my side to bang these puppies out, but I like to think they still add some kind of value to you guys, my loyal readers.

What you’re about to see are a whole bunch of photos from Lukas Farlan who, believe it or not, is a flippin student living in Italy who has an incredible eye for landscape photography.


Friday LOLZ – Sleep Deprived Edition 2

insomnia-strugglesThere are bad nights, there are worse nights and there are nights when you have a newborn baby that cries off and on from the moment you get home until 3am.

You think you’ve handled stressful situations? Wait until you got kids (if you don’t already) and they don’t stop crying and you have no idea why. Nothing drains your energy like a screaming baby, swear to God. Nothing.

So forgive me if the “LOLZ” I’ve tracked down this week are kinda out there. If it makes me seem a little less weird, these make a lot more sense if you watch Breaking Bad, play GTA V and KLAP GYM BOET!


iOS7 “Waterproof” Prank Is Hilarious

49674Dunce_CapSay what you like about hackers and people who hang out on “deep web” junkyards like 4chan, but they are nothing if not industrious when it comes to giving the middle finger to the man.

A perfect example of this is the recent “iOS7 Waterproof” scam that people actually believed was true. Basically, a group of pranksters on 4chan put together some very convincing Apple ads saying iOS7 makes your device waterproof.

Looking at the ads the guys put together, I gotta hand it to them, they really went out of their way to make it look legit and predictably, retards the world over have been dunking their iDevices in water with pretty dismal results. Here’s the ad:


Brilliant Amstel Ad Sets The Bar For SA Advertising

Amstel adI’m probably a bit late to the party on this one because I don’t watch TV at all, so I have no idea how much this ad’s been flighting on local TV stations or for how long, not that I give a shit.

What I do give a shit about is how powerful this two minute and eleven second piece of communication is. As an aspiring scriptwriter, when I see work like this it leaves me with my jaw on the floor.

Everything about this ad from the carefully scripted voice over to the song that plays to their choice of shots to the acting and exceptional editing is damn near perfect.


Escape Monday: Bees Are Motherflippin Awesome

USGSMacroBees1Most insects I think of as being pretty siff, these weird creepy crawly alien-looking things that bite us, crawl on us while we sleep, burrow into our ears and lay eggs in our brains and stuff.

You ever hear of that Rasta guy in Soweto who decided to cut his dreads off one day, but when the barber lifted them to chop them off, the Rasta guy felt this sharp pain all over his scalp and was like “EINA, STOP”?

They found him dead a day later (the Rasta guy). The reason? Giant nest of spiders living in  his hair that bit the shit out of him when the barber lifted the dreads to cut them off.


Coin Is The Best Way To Kill A Few Minutes On A Rainy Thursday

CoinAs you guys may or may not have noticed on the site recently, I’ve been putting a lot of effort into the posts I’ve been writing, really in-depth shit to try and make up for all the radio silence.

I know you guys have appreciated the shit out of that shit and it felt good to flex a bit of writing muscle on the site again, but today I really just need to bang one out quickly and that’s where Coin comes in.

This short animated video somehow manages to squash EVERYTHING that is awesome about old-school beat ‘em ups into three and a half minutes of shit kickin’ good times.


Album Review – Arctic Monkeys: AM

Arctic-Monkeys-AMThe Down Lizzo:

This is normally the part of my reviews where I give some background and context of who and what the band I’m reviewing is.

I feel like a bit of an idiot in this instance though because are you seriously telling me you don’t know who the Arctic Monkeys are?

Who are you man?! Seriously, what the fuck are you doing on this site? You take a wrong turn on the way to 2OceansVibe? Get out from under that rock man! Christ, you’re missing all the good stuff!

Now that that’s sorted, let’s get into the meat and bones of this album, shall we?


The “Inverted Commas” “Post”

online-grammar-nazi_1360826800_epiclolcomI hate the term “Grammar Nazi”. For me, it conjures images of skeletal people shuffling around in rags, eating gruel and being worked to death for incorrectly using a semi-colon.

I prefer “Grammar Enthusiast” as I feel it brings to mind a far more positive image of a kind, nurturing soul who tries to introduce some quality control when it comes to using this clever human invention we call “language”.

I do this because the way people speak and write is deteriorating to the point where it almost feels like they have a personal vendetta against language and have decided to butcher it mercilessly in a misguided cut-off-the-nose-to-spite-the-face attempt at revenge.


Escape Monday: 8 Places You’d Probably Rather Be Right Now

tumblr_m72o9frqVT1r47stto1_500One of my favourite pastimes is day-dreaming about what I’d do if I won the lottery. Wouldn’t that be fucking cool, winning the lottery? Let’s say you won R500 million, what would be the first thing you’d do?

First thing I’d do is settle all my debt in one afternoon, everything I owe taken care of in one shot, BAM. Then I’d buy a nice piece of property somewhere in Cape Town with the most epic garden you’ve ever seen.

Before we had The Cub, the next order of business was always travelling. Pack a backpack, Google “most beautiful places on Earth” and buy a plane ticket that same day.


One Month

image45sA lot can change in a month. Hell, a lot can change in an hour, a minute, a second.

Sometimes it’s hard to gauge the extent of that change when you’re in the moment. It’s like we have this built in anti-panic mechanism that kicks into overdrive when things are getting crazy and allows us to honestly believe that everything is ok when all hell is breaking loose.

It was like that in theatre. They wheel you into this sterile space where your life is about to change forever, laughing and joking like you’re going for a Sunday stroll and you play along because a Sunday stroll is a shitload less terrifying than what’s about to happen.