Friday LOLZ: Bumper-Edition Lolz to kick off 2014

tumblr_mwd4f6le2i1s5rsdao1_1280Friday just ain’t the same without some seriously whack Friday lolz from your Tiger pal. These ones are particularly strange / hilarious / deeply disturbing and have taken hours on interwebz trawling to find.

Some guys, they post hot women in bikinis, others post hot women out of bikinis, but me? I post the kind of content that would give any psychologist a very interesting read indeed.

Today’s Lolz feature everything from a very creepy guy drinking juice to what celebrities would like like if they were normal people to some awesome celebrity equations, so don’t be shy boys and girls, dig in!

Starting with this phenomenal gypsy wedding:



Then moving on to something that happens to me all too often.



A little ScoobydoobeeDOOOOOOOOOO!










Moving right along, here’s a fun video to shit your pants to.
















And last, but not least…



Have a killer weekend party people!


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