Tuesday LOLZ…? Featuring News Bombs And Meshuggah Faces

Meshuggah faceThis is a bit unorthodox I know, but I had to share these two videos with you guys, one of which was sent to me by my main man DJ Luke and the other from a regular contributor to this site, Civilian.

I’ve said it before, but news bloopers / autotuned news reports / news bombs all definitely rate right up there for me in terms of online content that cracks me up every time.

Then there’s the vid Civilian sent, which probably makes more sense if you’ve seen Wolf Of Wallstreet but is still pretty damn hilarious even if you haven’t. Gotta love death metal, the soundtrack of sexually frustrated people the world over.



Crass I know, but still funny.

Now onto Leo like you’ve never seen him.




As you were…


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