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Friday LOLZ: Bumper-Edition Lolz to kick off 2014

tumblr_mwd4f6le2i1s5rsdao1_1280Friday just ain’t the same without some seriously whack Friday lolz from your Tiger pal. These ones are particularly strange / hilarious / deeply disturbing and have taken hours on interwebz trawling to find.

Some guys, they post hot women in bikinis, others post hot women out of bikinis, but me? I post the kind of content that would give any psychologist a very interesting read indeed.

Today’s Lolz feature everything from a very creepy guy drinking juice to what celebrities would like like if they were normal people to some awesome celebrity equations, so don’t be shy boys and girls, dig in!

Starting with this phenomenal gypsy wedding:


Short Story: Dementia Pugilistica

flat,550x550,075,fI wrote this one back when I was doing that creative writing course at about this time last year. The assignment was to write a character in action and make him or her compelling enough to make the reader want to read more.

The big catch was you had to show and not tell who your character was through their actions and their surroundings. So I wrote this short piece and it’s one of the few that, reading back over it now, I still like.

That’s the problem with writing, you end up hating at least 90% of your own work, if not more, which makes it difficult to stay motivated.


Wednesday Whack

Jamie LenmanThere is some whack shit out there yo. To a large extent I have to rely on you, my loyal readers, to share that whack shit with me because there is just way, way too much for one man to try and find alone.

So big up to Civilian who sent through the video I’m about to show you that could very well be the most schizophrenic performance I’ve ever seen in my time on this spinning rock in the middle of nowhere.

The first 1:43 is like having a jackhammer rammed into your ear by a hipster-looking fellow, but trust me, if you can tough it out, what follows is well worth it…


Walking Dead Superfan Pranks The Redneck Dude From The Show

ZombalombsI’ve mentioned it in posts before, but The Walking Dead has always been a little touch and go for me. It’s gotten worse now that I’ve had a kid because I swear, it’s turned me into a giant softie.

I dunno, human life just becomes so much more precious when you become a parent. Makes watching decomposed ghouls tearing people open in a senseless shower of gore difficult to watch.

So though J-Rab and I started watching season 4, we lost interest a little because at least 70% of the show is them trying to gross you out with shit that’s more disgusting than the last season.


Escape Monday: Austria’s Stunning Mountainside Thermal Retreat

aquadomeresortaustria4The longer I look at the pictures you’re about to see of Austria’s Aqua Dome spa and retreat, the more I start believing that robbing the bank down the street might actually be a pretty good idea…

This place looks like some futuristic version of heaven built at the foothills of mountains so scenic, I swear if you look closely you can see Gandalf and his merry band of Hobbits marching through them.

I don’t think it’s humanly possible to go to this place and not leave feeling totally relaxed in every way. This massive retreat has 200 rooms as well as elevated bowl-shaped pools that feature underwater music and lights.


Tiger Finds Gallery Of Pornstars Without Makeup. Falls Off His Chair.

Proxy PaigeI’m very late to the party on this one, so you are well within your rights to get up on your high horse and have a good ol’ trot around if you’ve already seen these images of pornstars with and without their makeup.

However if you also missed these when they were originally posted here, then what you’re about to see could very well change the way you view porn and pornstars for the rest of your natural life.

It was quite a revelation when I saw these pics because I’ve always wondered why these flawlessly beautiful girls with perfect bodies decide to get into porn in the first place.


More Bad British Sports Commentary!

Mother Goose!I love these videos. Remember the one I posted awhile back featuring bad baseball commentary? Well those same guys are back to commentate on NFL and the results are just as hilarious.

These guys need to pitch this idea to a (brave) TV network somewhere and offer to commentate on live American sports games. That might actually get guys like me interested in watching American sports, no lies.

The tricky part now is thinking up another 34 words to fill this intro copy so the post looks right. Now it’s 12! Doing well guys, doing well. Four to go… And… There it is.

Dig it:



The Tiger Gets His Paws On The Lumia 925, Reviews The Hell Out Of It

nokia-lumia-925-attI’ve had a lot of experience with the Nokia Lumia family. To date, I’ve reviewed the Lumia 800, 900, 920 and now the 925, so I’m becoming pretty well-versed when it comes to reviewing these phones.

However, for the sake of total transparency I need to say upfront that my experience using other smartphone handsets is limited as I’m not a fully qualified tech reviewer, just an average Joe who likes new technology.

So I can’t draw a comparison between this phone and others out there, but I can give an honest write-up of my experience using the phone so you can make an informed decision the next time you’re due for an upgrade.


Escape Monday: The World In A Grain Of Sand

Dr.-Gary-Greenber-Microscopic-Sand-3bThey say God is in the details. But then they say the Devil is in the details as well, so I guess it depends on the situation. If we’re talking about feminine beauty, then God is definitely in the details.

If we’re talking about a medical aid contract though, then it’s the Devil fo sho. But anyway, the point is that the details are important one way or another, especially when you magnify things to 300 times their original size.

That’s what Dr Gary Greenberg did with a bunch of sand and the results he got are pretty phenomenal. These stunning pics show a universe of organic matter mixed amongst different kinds of rocks and minerals.


My Kinda Beer Ad

DomesticThere is a time and a place for craft beer and that time is payday and that place is my face. For the rest of the month it’s zamalek, rubbing alcohol and glue.

I think it’s a generational thing. Back in the 90s when we were impressionable teenagers, grunge was in fashion and things were pretty dingy and grimy. The big drug at the time was heroin which says it all.

Guys used to get wasted in any way humanly (and inhumanly) possible from huffing butane to swallowing entire blister packs of Thins, anything that got the job done was fair game.