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Today’s The Day We Run For Our Balls, Boet

DaredevilsIn history, ous remember the heroes. They remember the 300 charnas with lekker six packs and red cloaks kicking other ous down a hole because they don’t know that that was SPARTA.

They remember that GLADIATOR oke what told ous to unleash hell and then MOERED THE KAK out of any charna dumb enough to try his flippin luck.

And they remember that Titanic oke, what got Kate Winslet (BELTER) to show us all her boobs when he painted her like one of his French Binnets and then froze to death in the flippin sea because he was a gentleman and wanted her to float on the door by herself.

And then they remember ous like us who, having never trained legs in like, TEN YEARS, put on tiny red speedos and ran for our balls (and the balls of others).



Today is the DAREdevil Run 2013 where me and a entire TEAM of the BUFFEST CHARNAS IN THE LAND are going to fight our own battle, a battle against the terrible disease of CANCER.

Our weapons in this fight are going to be AWARENESS, ENCOURAGING TESTING and of course our flippin HUGE GUNS.

So if you’re sitting around today and don’t have plans at 3.30 this afternoon – come to the Hamilton’s Sports Club in Seapoint and either take part in the run (actually better if you ous come at 2.30 if you wanna run, so you can get parking and kak) or just support if you dig seeing lank okes basically naked in speedos, some of which are MASSIVE AND RIPPED (the okes, not the speedos).

Because I’m like, still not actually sure of exactly who all the BUFF CHARNAS in Team Tiger are except for my main man Big Daddy Savage, I’ll just be handing out TIGER BUFFS to BUFF TIGERS who will then get to start the race first with me – KLAPPING IT!

So see you ous there!



Still Time To Be A Buff Charna For Your Balls

Daredevil 1_0Hazit ous! First order of business is first, the original button I put in the last post about joining Team Tiger And The Buff Charnas had a problem in that their were typos in the tweet it made and kak.

It also sent a tweet that didn’t copy ME, Slicky-T in it so if you joined the team (I can see FOUR okes has clicked the button so far) just write your name in the comments below. Shot my bruddahs!

If you HAVEN’T joined Team Tiger And The Buff Charnas to run around in a lekker red speedo looking tit on Friday for the DAREdevil Run 2013, then here is youre chance!

I don’t think I have to explain to you ous again how important a charna’s balls is to him. His prostrate too. By running the DAREdevil Run 2013 with your pal Slicky-T, you are showing ous YES, I care about my balls and the balls of others!



Okes, this is not just some excuse to run up and down Seapoint Promenade getting wolve whistles from all the BELTERS watching, no. This is a proper way of combattling the serious sickness of cancer by making ous more aware of it and raising money for it.

I must say, there is of course the fear for me that despite being the most popular charna on the interwebs, the grandaddy of KLAP himself, that only like 5 ous are gonna join Team Tiger if I’m lucky.

Let’s make it 50 OUS! Yirre, that would be a thing to see! 50 ous being buff together for cancer awareness, let’s make it happen okes, seriously!



All you have to do is 2 things. First register for the race (costs R100 and you get a free speedo) by clicking this underlined bit of writing.

Second, join Team Tiger by clicking this button:

Easy as that okes! So let’s all do this together now, let’s make a flippin difference. Running for Team Tiger has all kinds of benefits you can read about here, I mean please man! You’d have to be flippin DOF not to join this lekker buff team!

I hope to see you ous on Friday, where we can to this together okes.

For our balls.



Join Team Tiger And The BUFF CHARNAS And Run For Your Balls

DDDR_3_Medium_280_210_80auto_sI once rote in the SlickTiger Guide To Klapping Gym, Boet that in a gym situhation, a oke is NOTHING without his charnas but in a LIFE situhation, a oke is NOTHING without his balls.

A oke’s balls contains all his POWER. Think about it, what is in balls? SPERM, boet! And what is in sperm? PROTEIN, boet! And what does protein make? MUSCLES, boet!

So what does a oke need to seriously klap it on a other level? BALLS, CHARNA! It’s time to catch a flippin WAKE UP, you gotta look after your balls and THAT’S why you’re gonna join Team Tiger And The Buff Charnas and run for your balls in a red speedo.

That’s right ma boychays – the DAREdevil Run 2013 is happening again in Cape Town not this Friday, but next (8th Nov) and I’m entering a team of buff charnas who care about their balls and the balls of others to run with me along Seapoint Promenade in red speedos in the middle of the afternoon.



Because I know some of you are a bit dof, here’s 8 good reasons to join Team Tiger And The Buff Charnas:

1. You get a BUFF!

In flippin TIGERSTRIPES! That you can keep for LIFE and that will always show other okes that you are a BUFF CHARNA who runned to raise BALL AWARENESS.

2. You start at the front of the race!

That’s right, you heard me. Team Tiger okes get the VIP treatment and start the race right at the front, how flippin BUFF is that?!

3. You get to look TIT in a red speedo in public!

Think about all those weights you’ve been klapping, now it’s the time to show ous some RESULTS boet! The BELTERS love a oke in a budgy-smuggler who is MASSIVE AND RIPPED with a schweet tan running down the road. Take your muscles for a lekker jog ma boych, nothing wrong.

5. You never have to train legs again FOR A YEAR!


Look, I’m not big on training legs. My legs workout is EVERY DAY when they carry my MASSIVE UPPER BODY around the place. But ja. Okes say legs training is important or some kak.

At just under 5kms, the DAREdevil Run is the perfect length for a buff gym charna like yourself to finish without his heart exploding while still getting a schweet leg workout.

5. You could be saving not just your balls, but your LIFE

A lot of ous around the world lose their balls or worse because of cancer or they get cancer of the prostrate because they never check themselfs because they still think that you must let a ou slip a digit up your poephol to check if everything’s ok up there.

I’m here to tell you ous that this is 2013 charna. Ous have invented flying cars and flippin robots from the future that look like Arnold Schwartezeneggra, you seriously think you still need to let some ou in a rubber glove fiddle with your naught? Boedie, this isn’t Bronx on a Saturday night.

No, just a tiny finger prick for a drop of blood will tell you if you must worry or not and just doing that once a year can save your balls AND your life.



Those are my reasons okes, so now that you’re read them and want to join Team Tiger And The Buff Charnas, this is what you must do.

Are you listening closely? Flip man, CONCENTRATE oke, I’m only going to repeat this once.

Ok. Here’s what you do.

STEP ONE = REGISTER FOR THE RACE BY CLICKING THESE WORDS (it costs R100 including your flippin TIT red speedo).


Got that? That button just up there, click it and you will automatically be part of Team Tiger And The Buff Charnas.

How flippin’ easy was that?!?



On the other hand, if you aren’t a Twitterer, just write YOUR NAME in the comments to join Team Tiger. Just YOUR NAME boet. If you get stuck, check in your wallet, I usually find that helps. Or call your mom, she’ll know.

Closer to raceday I’ll tell you BUFF OUS where to meet to get your schweet TIGER BUFFS.

In the meantime register, join Team Tiger and let’s be BUFF CHARNAS who care about their balls and the balls of others together.