Still Time To Be A Buff Charna For Your Balls

Daredevil 1_0Hazit ous! First order of business is first, the original button I put in the last post about joining Team Tiger And The Buff Charnas had a problem in that their were typos in the tweet it made and kak.

It also sent a tweet that didn’t copy ME, Slicky-T in it so if you joined the team (I can see FOUR okes has clicked the button so far) just write your name in the comments below. Shot my bruddahs!

If you HAVEN’T joined Team Tiger And The Buff Charnas to run around in a lekker red speedo looking tit on Friday for the DAREdevil Run 2013, then here is youre chance!

I don’t think I have to explain to you ous again how important a charna’s balls is to him. His prostrate too. By running the DAREdevil Run 2013 with your pal Slicky-T, you are showing ous YES, I care about my balls and the balls of others!



Okes, this is not just some excuse to run up and down Seapoint Promenade getting wolve whistles from all the BELTERS watching, no. This is a proper way of combattling the serious sickness of cancer by making ous more aware of it and raising money for it.

I must say, there is of course the fear for me that despite being the most popular charna on the interwebs, the grandaddy of KLAP himself, that only like 5 ous are gonna join Team Tiger if I’m lucky.

Let’s make it 50 OUS! Yirre, that would be a thing to see! 50 ous being buff together for cancer awareness, let’s make it happen okes, seriously!



All you have to do is 2 things. First register for the race (costs R100 and you get a free speedo) by clicking this underlined bit of writing.

Second, join Team Tiger by clicking this button:

Easy as that okes! So let’s all do this together now, let’s make a flippin difference. Running for Team Tiger has all kinds of benefits you can read about here, I mean please man! You’d have to be flippin DOF not to join this lekker buff team!

I hope to see you ous on Friday, where we can to this together okes.

For our balls.


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