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Team Tiger Saves Balls

DDR5We did it okes. Team Tiger And The Buff Charnas got together for a good cause and ran for our balls at the DAREdevil Run 2013. To all the ous who joined Team Tiger, you charnas are LEGENDS!

In fact, to all the ous who ran the DAREdevil Run in Cape Town, you are the BUFFEST ous in the land. To go out their in a red speedo and run up and down Seapoint promenade getting wolve whistles takes BALLS.

I must say though, the actual RUNNING part was a flippin’ weird sensation for me. After 10 minutes it was like a ou was pouring flippin BATTERY ACID into my legs, yirre!

But anyway, I finished and had a jol whilse raising awareness for cancer and saving my balls and the balls of others. Here are some pics of me and the BUFF ous from TEAM TIGER:






Big shout out to the event organisers for actually taking a stand for a serious cause instead of just growing a flippin pervert traffic cop moustache on your lip because you’ve always wondered what you’d look like as a pervert traffic cop.

Keep on klapping it okes!

Until next time.



Still Time To Be A Buff Charna For Your Balls

Daredevil 1_0Hazit ous! First order of business is first, the original button I put in the last post about joining Team Tiger And The Buff Charnas had a problem in that their were typos in the tweet it made and kak.

It also sent a tweet that didn’t copy ME, Slicky-T in it so if you joined the team (I can see FOUR okes has clicked the button so far) just write your name in the comments below. Shot my bruddahs!

If you HAVEN’T joined Team Tiger And The Buff Charnas to run around in a lekker red speedo looking tit on Friday for the DAREdevil Run 2013, then here is youre chance!

I don’t think I have to explain to you ous again how important a charna’s balls is to him. His prostrate too. By running the DAREdevil Run 2013 with your pal Slicky-T, you are showing ous YES, I care about my balls and the balls of others!



Okes, this is not just some excuse to run up and down Seapoint Promenade getting wolve whistles from all the BELTERS watching, no. This is a proper way of combattling the serious sickness of cancer by making ous more aware of it and raising money for it.

I must say, there is of course the fear for me that despite being the most popular charna on the interwebs, the grandaddy of KLAP himself, that only like 5 ous are gonna join Team Tiger if I’m lucky.

Let’s make it 50 OUS! Yirre, that would be a thing to see! 50 ous being buff together for cancer awareness, let’s make it happen okes, seriously!



All you have to do is 2 things. First register for the race (costs R100 and you get a free speedo) by clicking this underlined bit of writing.

Second, join Team Tiger by clicking this button:

Easy as that okes! So let’s all do this together now, let’s make a flippin difference. Running for Team Tiger has all kinds of benefits you can read about here, I mean please man! You’d have to be flippin DOF not to join this lekker buff team!

I hope to see you ous on Friday, where we can to this together okes.

For our balls.



SlickTiger Has Got The Balls To KLAP The daREDevil Race Boet!

IMG_2179-500x0Okes, lemme just tell you one thing straight that are flippin’ important so switch VLEISBOEK and Twitters off for a minute and listen up!

When OKES was crehated, the genius ou what did it was like, “Yussus! This thing what I have crehated is pretty flippin schweet but ja… something’s not quite right…”

And that ou were right. Something was not quite right. And then the ou realised that this crehation of his, even though it was lank kief, was missing a flippin’ VITAL ingredient when it came to KLAPPING IT and looking flippin’ TIT – BALLS!

The SECOND the crehater guy put the balls on, his crehation came to life and INSTANTLY pumped out FIFTY one-arm pushups and then banged two blonde belters without even breaking a sweat ma charn!

That ou, I like to call him OU1, was the original KLAP GYM BOYCHIE, a picture of him what I have found below, and with the help of not only two, but like flippin’ HUNDREDS of blonde belters, he crehated our entire SPIESIES and gave every ou the magical power of BALLS!



Think about your balls oke! When times are tough and you got no friends because the roids make you keeping wanting to kill the ous because they are always borrowing your spray tan and finishing it, what have you got left?


When you’re approaching a GODDESS at Avastar Nightclub with a flippin schweet cocktail because you know THE TRICK and she kicks you in the GROIN for asking her and her blonde belter friend if they wanna come back to your place and BANG, what hurts so flippin much you think you’re dying?




And ous, when you’re bored in the gym after your fifth set of 220kilo deadlift and you need something to fiddle with while you think of the next set to KLAP what do you always reach for?


Your balls okes, are LANK IMPORTANT. And this is why I’m wearing nothing but a bright red speedo that makes me look TIT and running with a buncha sweaty, BUFF CHARNAS through the city in Cape Town today as part of the daREDevil Race.

The ous what organise it do it because they flippin’ LOVE men’s balls so much and realise the power they give a oke to KLAP IT and look flippin’ TIT!



The ous also flippin LOVE your prostrate BOET! And unlike this one time when I was competing in a WHO’S THE MASSIVEST competition and a other oke was like “Jassis Slicky-T! Are you feeling ok boet? Your prostrates flippin huge man!” and I was like, “Um, ja I feel ok hey?” and he was like, “No boet. I’ve got some KY jelly, come to my changeroom oke, lemme just give you a quick test” and I was like “Shot boet!” and then… ja… and then… umm… nevermind…

But ja, like I was saying – unlike that time, these days you can just get your prostrates checked by a simple prick of a needle ma boedie! How schweet is that?!

So here’s the important bit okes. Because I’ve been klapping it so hard this week I’ve left this to the last minutes, but if you have too, it’s all schweet boet, you can register here and be a part of TEAM TIGER:

Run the daREDevil Race 2012 with the BUFFEST OKE IN THE LAND and let’s KLAP CANCER right in the flippin’ BALLS, BOET!

See you BUFF CHARNAS there!