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Movie Review: Django Unchained

DjangoUnchained_TeaserPoster_Print.inddOn Friday last week me and the missus were treated to the premier of Tarantino’s new offering Django Unchained by the kind folks at Oude Meester because their posterboy for the brand, Jamie Foxx, IS Django.

After wining and dining us with a few signature Oude Meester cocktails and some light finger foods, we were ushered into the cinema and given a brief welcome by the Oude Meester p1mp daddy himself, Arthur Lindani.

To the brand’s credit they didn’t dwell on the formalities for too long – we were shown the extended version of the Jamie Foxx Oude Meester commercial (which was shot entirely in Cape Town) and right after that the movie started and wow! We were BLOWN AWAY!


Slicky-T Hits Up A Brandy Tasting, Learns Stuff

Jamie5-high-resI’m lucky enough to have attended at least 7 or 8 whisky tastings over the past four years and have completed two training courses to be a whisky presenter because I really, really love the stuff.

Being part Irish, a good deal of my DNA is actually comprised of whiskey, which is why I’ll drink you under the table without even breaking a sweat, or in the case of my good buddy Mr D, down a flight of stairs (long story).

So when asked by the good folks over at Oude Meester if I’d like to attend a brandy tasting I was more than a little sceptical.


Benjamin Franklin – The Original Badass

franklin2As a blogger, there’s no better feeling in the goddamn WORLD than having your phone ring and picking it up to hear, “Hey Slicky-T, there’s a collection for you at reception.”

That exact thing happened to me last week after I returned from collecting my shiny new iPad2. It was like the universe was saying, “No more stray cats for supper Slick. Here’s some cool free stuff for toughing it out and always being rad.”

And that’s how I got my hands on a bottle of some fine 12 year old Oude Meeste brandy and got a free history lesson about a man I had no idea was such a badass.