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The Best Kind Of Superheroes

HulkyIf you are lightning-fast, you would have read a post that went up on this site earlier that is no longer here. I had to immediately remove it when a loyal reader pointed out that I was being an ignorant arse.

The post in question featured a superhero and here’s where the story gets interesting. The minute I posted it, the kids from Retroviral sent me an email with the video below that also features superheroes.

These guys are on the ball. They are basically reading the entire internet all the time. I immediately agreed to post this campaign video for M-Net Movies Showcase on the site. Also, it’s an awesome video, check it:


Retroviral’s 2012 video Nominated for Academy Award

R ViralIn a move that has rocked the online world, Retroviral (arguably one of SA’s top online communications consultancies) has been nominated for an Oscar in the “Best Use Of Letters Made From Vegetables In A Company Promo Video” category.

“We got the call from the academy this morning,” said Mike Sharman, founder and MD of Retroviral, “it was Nelly Retardo.”

Since Retroviral started in 2010, the agency has landed some great campaigns and done remarkable work for brands and initiatives such as the Put Foot Rally, SAB, Nandos, 5Gum and Converse all of which is showcased in an innovative way in their annual showreel videos.


Brilliant Retroviral Video

RetroviralA long time ago, before the Dead Sea was even sick (da dum. tssshhh) I quit the job I was working in insurance PR and got a gig with a way cooler company called Tribeca PR doing tech-spin.

I had about 2 weeks to kill between jobs so the crazy kids at Tribeca invited me to a media launch they were handling for the HTC Touch.

I walked into the launch and there was this big lug of a man who greeted me with a hearty handshake and was a loud, sweary, goofy kinda guy who I had no idea would one day start a digital agency as amazing as the one I’m about to show you.