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Good News For Unsigned SA Bands – “Get Out The Garage” Is Back!

GOTGIf you guys cast your minds far, far, far, far, far back you’ll remember a campaign that ran last year called the Converse “Get Out The Garage” competition which Matthew Mole ended up winning.

The lucky guy got to not only play at the iconic 100 Club in London, but he also got to record at the Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn, New York. It was a huge springboard for the guy and he made the very best of it.

The good news is that the competition is back and Converse is once again on the hunt for unsigned local talent to get out the garage and show the world that SA has some flippin SICK talent.

Before we get to the nuts and bolts of how to enter, check out what Matthew got up to last year after winning the Get Out The Garage competition:



Some pretty epic sheeit going down in that vid. That could be you. All you gots to do is get your shit together, upload your best track to Soundcloud, post it on the Converse Facebook page before the 8th of August and hope for the best.

On the 15th August, judges Catherine Grenfell, Jon Savage and Reason will have narrowed the entries down to a final 10, who will then be showcased on the Converse Facebook page for the public to vote on.

The artist / band with the most votes wins the grand prize which will be announced on the 16th of September.



The big winner will also have the opportunity to play at this year’s Rocking The Daisies which, judging from the line-up that’s been announced so far, is an honour in itself.

But that’s not all! Call now and you’ll get this free instructional DVD! Joking. Simply by voting for your favourite artist / band from the final 10, you’ll automatically be entered into a competition to join your favourite band VIP style when they travel to London for the 100 Club gig.

Spread the word people and watch this space for competition updates.



The Converse #GetDirty Competition Winner Is…

a-trophySorry I didn’t get around to posting this earlier boys and girls, it’s been a manic day but the good news is I’ve had a read through all the entries for the Converse #GetDirty competition and chosen a winner!

It’s never an easy task doing this (another reason why this post is so late) and with this comp in particular, there are some flippin awesome entries – someone call a vet, there some seriously sick puppies out there.

So anyway, the task was to post about the dirtiest you’ve ever gotten in a pair of sneakers. You guys posted some other level sheeit, but the big winner today iiiiiiiissssssss…

Ardian “Funky” Phipps! Congrats my man! Your story about getting so hammered you crawled UNDER your tent and passed out definitely qualifies you to handle anything Saturday’s party might throw your way.

The Converse kids will be in touch shortly with all the details you’ll need for the train ride and Saturday’s party, hell’s yeah!

Adrian has won a basically all-expenses paid trip to the Converse #GetDirty party happening in Jozi this weekend where he’ll be checking out a whole bunch of bands, including these badasses:



Party on Wayne Winking smile



#GetDirty And Win A Trip To JHB For A Face-Meltingly Rad Converse Party

heroIt’s competition time again boys and girls and today we are giving away a very special prize courtesy of SlickTiger Industries and Converse that will melt your face off or your money back!

If you’re into bands like Zebra & Giraffe, BLK JKS, Shadowclub, Reason and Vigilante then I’ve got good news because if you win THIS COMPETITION, you’ll be seeing them all live next Saturday.

See, Converse (being the badasses that they are) are throwing a MASSIVE party in Joburg at Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown next Saturday and I’m giving away a double ticket to the event which includes a trip by motherflippin train from CT to JHB and hotel accommodation on the Sat night.

All you have to do to win this badass experience is write a comment below about the dirtiest you’ve ever gotten in a pair of sneakers (interpret that any way you like) and you could win this insane experience.



Comments will be limited to no more than three sentences and the comment that makes your Tiger pal crack up the most takes home the bacon.

If you strike out but would still like to check out the event, tickets only cost R50 and are available by clicking on this convenient link meticulously coded by the interwebs department of SlickTiger Industries.

This competition closes officially at 12am on Wednesday morning. The winner will be announced on the site later on that very same day.

Lastly, if you feel you fluffed your first attempt, you are more than welcome to submit a second and even a third comment but after that I’ll automatically delete any other comments you post so don’t go nuts on me ok?

May the best, dirtiest man / woman win!



Retroviral’s 2012 video Nominated for Academy Award

R ViralIn a move that has rocked the online world, Retroviral (arguably one of SA’s top online communications consultancies) has been nominated for an Oscar in the “Best Use Of Letters Made From Vegetables In A Company Promo Video” category.

“We got the call from the academy this morning,” said Mike Sharman, founder and MD of Retroviral, “it was Nelly Retardo.”

Since Retroviral started in 2010, the agency has landed some great campaigns and done remarkable work for brands and initiatives such as the Put Foot Rally, SAB, Nandos, 5Gum and Converse all of which is showcased in an innovative way in their annual showreel videos.

“Our inspiration with the first Retroviral showreel vid back in ‘11 was to show how the agency has evolved in a visual way by first writing the titles that are shown on-screen in a moleskin, then on a typewriter, then using a Macbook, then on an iPhone,” said Sharman.



“This time around we stuck with a similar theme, but chose to use a variety of mediums including a cassette tape sleeve, post-its on the bottom of sneakers, alphabet soup and notes stuck to a cork board.

“The coup de grâce though was the vegetable lettering we used at around the 2:30 mark,” continued Sharman, “our competition was Mozam-BLEAK when they saw that part.”



“For a young agency such as Retroviral, to graduate from the relatively straightforward method of using handwriting and typing in a showreel video to actual vegetable lettering in the space of only one year shows tremendous growth and innovation,” said Hawk Koch, President of the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences.

Fans and critics alike are all in agreement that Retroviral’s chance of bagging the award are exceptionally strong considering the brilliant work the agency did in 2012 and the fact that they are the only agency in the category.

“Twenty-twelve was our best year to date,” said Sharman, “we worked with incredible brands, who in turn helped to change some lives – even for a few hours. We made an impact on sales, and we had our name forever etched into a Bronze Cannes Lion, thanks to the creative genius of Black River FC and their Nando’s Last Dictator Standing campaign.”

Congrats to the Retroviral team: an inspiration to all and a daily reminder of #whywedodigital Winking smile



Matthew Mole WIns The Get Out Of The Garage Competition

matthew-mole-photo-get-out-of-the-garageLadies and Gentlemen, the Converse “Get Out Of The Garage Competition” has officially come to an end and the winner, as you may have guessed from the title of this post, is Matthew Mole!

Matthew will play at London’s 100 Club on Oxford Street, which has seen some EPIC acts take to the stage in the 70 years it’s been open.

I have to be completely frank at this point and say that though there’s no denying Matthew has a lot of talent and heart and is a great song-writer, he wasn’t my first choice to win it.

Still though, congrats to the guy. He blew everyone out of the water with his track “You And Your Crown” which goes a little something.

Like this:



I think it’s a pretty rad little ditty, but it’s no secret that my favourites to win this were The Kiffness.

I mean Matthew is cool and all, but does he have a track that can stand up to “Ra Ba Do Ba Day”?



Exactly. I rest my case.

Just try get that song out of your mind. Impossible.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get my greasy mitts on a few songs from Matthew’s set when he plays next month to share with you crazy cats.

Until then, well done Matthew, go kick some ass over there and come back with a fat recording contract and some belter groupies.

Atta boy Winking smile



“Get Out Of The Garage” Shortlists Top 10 Unsigned SA Bands

GOTGtop10KAPOW! From three posts in two weeks to two posts in ONE DAY shit is off the chizain at SlickTiger Industries today.

So as you may have guessed from the title of this post, the final 10 bands have been selected for the Converse “Get Out Of The Garage” competition.

You can vote for the bands at the Converse FB page here: where you can hear their tracks, check out their videos and read their bios.

It’s a great selection of bands, the judges Zulu Boy, Jon Savage and Garick Williams selected them from 138 entries and I think they  nailed it when it comes to selecting bands that are representative of what SA has to offer.



There are some pretty suhweet bands that made it through, now you get to vote for the band you want to win the grand prize (a chance to perform at the legendary 100 Club, the longest running popular music venue in the world).

The final 10 are:

  • Goodnight Wembley (CT, Rock)
  • iScream and the Chocolate Stix (CT, Rock)
  • Matthew Mole (CT, Folk & Electric)
  • Nakhane Toure (JHB, Folk & Rock)
  • North of Winter (PTA, Rock)
  • Savage Lucy (JHB, Metal, Rock & Blues)
  • Shotgun Tori (JHB, Indie & Folk)
  • Skin2Soul (JHB, Afro, Kwaito & Regaae)
  • Swart (JHB, Afrikaans Rock) and
  • The Kiffness (CT, Electronic).

So yeah, which band am I going to vote for?

It’s a tough question. As a music freak, I’m always looking for bands that don’t tow the line and just copy/paste what international bands are doing.

Which only really leaves two bands in the top 10 that cut the mustard.



These guys have a pretty badass video, but the track that’s streaming on the FB page is better.

They’re edgy. I like edgy. Edgy doesn’t sit in a corner and sulk until it gets noticed. It fucking runs up to you and kicks you in the balls, much like this video.



Moving on, my second choice would be these crazy cats:



If you know who Mike Scott is, you’ll know he is a mother-flippin LEGEND!

Remember Goldfish’s rad animated videos from a few years back? Yeah, Mike did those. He also did the infamous SA cartoon Bru & Boegie and a whole bunch of other rad projects.

Everything Mike touches turns to gold and when he teams up with his brother like he does in The Kiffnes, well, shit gets real.

Just watch this video. It’s actually so beyond awesome it’s hard to watch it without your eyeballs exploding out of your skull.



Good luck getting that little ditty out your head Winking smile

Have a killer weekend Party People.

See ya Monday for more radassery.



Unsigned SA Bands, This One’s For You

Plain 500x500 GOTG #247E2E2Having gone to the varsity I did (the kind where you spend four years drunk), the only 100 Club I’d ever heard of involved 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes with no toilet breaks.

Believe it or not, I actually managed to achieve that admirable feat not once, but TWICE during my varsity career, BOOM!

But there’s another 100 Club I want to tell you guys about, it opened in London in 1942, has hosted some of the most influential artists on the PLANET during its 70 year history and is now opening its doors to one lucky unsigned SA band to melt faces there later this year.

Converse is driving this competition through their Facebook page (check it out here). All you have to do to enter the “Get Out Of The Garage” competition is to upload your best original song and a short biography via the Facebook app on the Converse page.



From there, all entries get judged by Zulu Boy, John Savage and Garick Williams, who will then narrow them down to the final 10 after which point it goes to a public vote where SA can vote for their favourites and stand a chance to join your band in p1mped out VIP style for the gig.

What’s rad is they are accepting submissions from every imaginable genre, the only requirement is that you have to be unsigned and you’re in.

Here’s an idea of the crazy bands that take to the stage at the 100 Club. These guys are hilarious, they call themselves Little Roy and they rock Nirvana covers reggae style.



How flippin’ IRIE was that?!

I’ll be tracking this comp as it unfolds, entries close 8th of July and winners will be announced on August 6th 2012.

I’ll also be flying to London to cover the entire event as part of the VIP entourage, how amazing is that shit?!?!?!!?

Ok, that was a lie. But who knows, maybe Converse will find it in their kind hearts and help a Tiger out yo!