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Slicky-T Gets NAILED By The Mother Of All Comment-Spam

Spam-CanComment-spam is definitely one of the more intriguing forms of spam out there. It almost always comes in the form of grammatically horrendous flattery that has absolutely nothing to do with what you’ve posted.

I’m not even sure how it’s supposed to work. Even when I was a blogger-newbie desperate for comments I knew better than to approve that shite.

I wish I could though, because holy shit, the stuff I get sometimes is so hilariously random I know you guys would get a kick out of it. Case in point: the MOTHER of all comment-spam that hit my site last week.


SlickTiger Rides A Segway, Doesn’t Die!

Life was good for Jimi Heselden. He came from humble origins and built a name for himself when he invented a collapsible wire mesh fabric container called Hesco bastion that was widely used in war zones to quickly and effectively erect blast walls and fortifications (thanks Wikipedia!).

In 2010 he bought Segway Inc. at which time his estimated worth was somewhere in the region of R1 947 831 890, a figure which I have painstakingly converted because I can’t find the pound button on my keyboard.

Then one day Jimi went for a lazy afternoon ride on his Segway (fitted with special off-road tyres), drove off the edge of a 24 meter cliff and died.


Help The TIger Find A Flat And Win!

Guys, some crazy news.

J-Rab and me are moving out of the wooden shit-shack we’re been living in for the last 8 months in Stellenbosch and are heading into the beautiful sea-side city of Cape Town itself, PRAISE JESUS HALLELULYA!



It hasn’t been easy living out here on this wine farm in Stellies. I mean, people come around to visit the place and they’re all like “Aww, it’s so cosy!” Which pisses us off no end because it’s not fucking cosy, ok?

It’s a fucking hell-hole of sleeplessness, anguish and rats. That’s right, rats. Our shed-of-a-house is infested with large, nasty, fucking smart rats who break in at night and stomp around eating our food like they own the fucking place!