Just What Your Day Needed: Some China Smack

The world is a fucked up place, that’s pretty much an undisputed fact, and thanks to the interwebs we now have irrefutable proof of that fact that can be sent in convenient hyperlinks to friends and family who are bored at work.

My main man Peggles went through a dark phase a few years ago when he would drudge up the sickest shit he could possibly find on the interwebs and send the links to us in some weird attempt at psychologically scarring us all for life and he was pretty damn successful.

So when he sent me a link to this site called China Smack, I was understandably nervous about opening it at work because China, as we all know, is a very fucked up place.



Having said that, pretty much nothing could have prepared me for the stories about sex education classes for elementary school children, 12-year old models, homeless Mongolians living in sewers, “Boiled Alive Cat” being served in restaurants, and a particularly disturbing story about a guy who skinned a dog in the street.

It’s all right here at http://www.chinasmack.com/

There’s also funny stuff there too. It’s not all abusing mentally handicapped children and lewd stories about how to make a home-made Fleshlight (don’t ask).

In the interest of bridging the social divide between us and those crazy basterds in the east, I urge you to visit that site.

Just make sure no one can see your screen or you might be called into an unexpected meeting with the HR lady.


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