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Escape Monday: Bastille Performing In The British Museum

tumblr_mkfkwscZ8b1qlmrr1o1_1364575136_coverI’m deviating from my norm when it comes to Escape Monday posts and instead of posting a series of beautiful images, I’m just posting one video that really hit home when I saw it last week.

I have my main man Peggles to thank for this video, he sent it last week and though I’d heard the song countless times before on radio, this version really made me realise what an amazing piece of music this is.

For me, this is what music, real music, is about. There’s no fancy production, no weird blips or bleeps or squelchy basslines or epic drops. Just four guys, one guitar, some pretty creative percussion and a whole lotta heart.


The Tiger Rocks The Daisies Chapter 3: The Saturday, The End

IMG_2257Phew! What an epic festival review hey Party People? Christ, feels like all I’ve been posting for the last two weeks is Daisiesdaisiesdaisiesdaisies.

Time to wrap it all up with my Saturday post and then I promise you’ll not hear anything more about this festival until next year rolls around.

Like the day before it, Saturday morning was a hoot. Myself, Peggles, Barbarian and Spu spent it all chilling together while the girls hit the Daisy Den which took at least about two hours, just enough time for us to smash a couple beers and ease ourselves into the day.


Python Eats Alligator (And You Thought Your Monday Sucked…)

yo-dawg-thats-fucked-up1There was a time when two good friends of mine, Peggles and Manfred, locked horns in a vicious battle to see who could find the most fucked up content on the internet to send to the other guy.

Collateral damage ensued as the foul shit that they unearthed got forwarded to us, scarring us in ways not even our psychiatrists can fathom.

The war eventually ended when Manfred hit Peggles with the 1man1jar video, and both parties backed down. Once in awhile though that sick, dark and twisted part of Peggles comes out and he sends a video like the one I’m about to show you.


Happy Second Birthday SlickTiger!

stripper cakeExactly two years and one day ago I pushed this site out lovingly from the moist, slippery birth canals of my twisted mind.

Can you believe it’s already been two years?! Christ, if I’d actually dedicated all this time to writing a novel like I’d originally planned and stuck to writing it as religiously as I blog on this site, I’d have a fucking masterpiece by now.

But, conversely, I never would have met all you, my happy little gang of imaginary internet friends so yeah… um… whoop whoop dee doo?


SlickTiger And The 10 Year Highschool Reunion

I wasn’t sure if anyone gave two shits that I was flying up to the Big Smoke awhile back for my 10 year highschool reunion, so I never wrote a follow-up post saying what it was actually like.

Since writing that post though no less than three of my regular readers have asked me what went down so I figured I owed it to them to give a full account of the sheer insanity, the mind-bendingly twisted and life-alteringly fucked up shit that went down that night.

So pull up a chair, this post’s gonna leave you a changed person…


Just What Your Day Needed: Some China Smack

The world is a fucked up place, that’s pretty much an undisputed fact, and thanks to the interwebs we now have irrefutable proof of that fact that can be sent in convenient hyperlinks to friends and family who are bored at work.

My main man Peggles went through a dark phase a few years ago when he would drudge up the sickest shit he could possibly find on the interwebs and send the links to us in some weird attempt at psychologically scarring us all for life and he was pretty damn successful.


near-death sunday

There are some Sundays that come around and kick you arse so hard you wish you could go back in time and undo the chaos you got caught up in the night before.

At sometime around 7 this morning a feeling started burning inside me like my guts were on fire. It rose steadily up my throat, roasting me alive inch by inch as whatever evil concoction I’d mixed in my stomach last night fought desperately to see the light of day.