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In the forests of Chernobyl…

I watched this Vice Magazine DVD awhile back where the writers went to all these really horrible and fucked up places basically so that they could show the world how bad these places really are so you’d never have to visit them yourself.

“The Vice Guide To Travel” I think it was called.

Anyway, one of the places they visited was Chernobyl where they walked around with a device that measures the radioactivity of the area around you and in most places it wasn’t actually that bad, but then they got a whole bunch of guns and struck out for these woods where the radiation levels are dangerously high to go hunt fucking mutant animals.

Apparently they exist. These animals that somehow survived but are really badly radiated and as a consequence give birth to offspring with hideous birth defects. Mutants basically, but not the cool X-Men kind with rad superpowers, more like the real life kind that haunt your nightmares.

Of course, the Vice crew never finds anything and they just write the whole experience off as a dumb idea and go back to their normal lives.

It didn’t stop me wondering what was in that forest though, slouching through the snow and dead trees. Something that was never meant to exist, some creature twisted and bent, it’s genetics rotten to the core, doomed to live a year or two at most, its natural instincts and intelligence warped into something that was never, ever meant to be.

Something… like this…