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africa-photos-284You guys aren’t going to fucking believe this, but I found out yesterday that the video I scripted, acted in, directed, half-shot and edited for the Nandos “How Far Will You Go” campaign fucking won!

I got the call yesterday from someone who introduced herself as a person handling Nandos communications, at which point I thought, “Thank fuck! They’re finally gonna give me the free meal vouchers they owe me” because I’m poor and I could really use some free food.

Then she tells me she has good news for me and I immediately think “YES! Chicken dinner tonight bitches!” but then she tells me I’ve won a R20 000 holiday anywhere in Africa and I instantly lose my shit completely!


Graphic Novel Review: Chew (Vol.1 – Tasters Choice)

Chew01As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I used to read a boatload more comic books and graphic novels back in varsity than I do now, but ever since attending Free Comic Book Day a few months back, I’ve gotten hooked again.

So once in awhile I’ll be spitting these reviews out when I find a particularly sick graphic novel I think you’ll dig and first on that list has to be Chew.

Written by John Layman and drawn and coloured by Rob Guillory, Chew has to be one of the funniest, most twisted and original graphic novels I’ve read in years.


You Need To Get Into This Band

blood_red_shoes2A good buddy of mine flew in from Scotland this past weekend, goes by the name of Ricky T.

He’s one of the oldest friends I have (we go back nearly twenty years) and the man has impeccable taste in music so if he recommends a band, I’m on it like white on rice.

So when he told me to check out Blood Red Shoes I bought both their albums straight up and man! You gotta hit the “read full post” link to hear this band…


The Amy Winehouse Post

Amy Winehouse  Nice Photos  3Throughout most of her life, I wished Amy Winehouse would just hurry up and die already. For nearly three years she dominated local and international tabloids, every image of her somehow looking worse than the last.

It was like one of those wildlife documentaries where the film makers follow some poor, sick animal that’s dying in the wild and instead of helping it, they just film it getting weaker and weaker until it croaks.

It was clear to me that there was absolutely no hope for her. Her life degenerated to the point where all she seemed capable of doing was getting totally wasted and babbling incoherently like a bergie on a tik binge.


Awesome Work Time-Wasters (Part III)

Winterbells01Ok, lemme just start this one with a disclaimer – it’s a little gay, but just like riding a scooter it’s a lot of fun until your friends find out.

I’m not too sure what the game’s actually called, so let’s just go with the “Gay Rabbit Game”. The purpose of the Gay Rabbit Game (GRG) is simply to jump and move your mouse around to touch as many bells as possible.

The more bells you touch, the higher you jump and the more points you score. Simple. Easy breezy. And great for avoiding actual work.

So go ahead and hit this link and give it a try. I can almost guarantee you you’ll get instantly hooked.


The Tree That Stalked Me


What you see on the left in this badass new formatting I’m going with to streamline the site a little, is a tree that has stalked me for the last three years.

I forget where I first saw the image of this tree but it’s the kind of image that sticks because, well, it’s pretty fucking awesome.

A couple years later I found this same image on another site with a pic credit in the bottom corner. After some Googling I found out this tree grows in Portland’s Japanese Garden and if you thought the tree was amazing, wait till you see the garden itself.


Lose Your Shit Like Nicolas Cage

leaving_las_vegasIn some movies, Nicolas Cage is nothing short of mesmerising. He has an amazing ability to make you sympathise with his character whether he’s playing twin brothers who are total opposites or a weatherman in the midst of a mid-life crisis, there’s no denying that when he’s good, he’s fucking incredible.

But when he’s bad, hoo-wee, he’s fucking terrible. Anyone see Ghostrider? How about Windtalkers? Yeah, I rest my case.

And yet, people flock to see his movies, no matter how godawful they may or may not be because why?

Because MY GOD! The man knows how to completely lose his shit, as you’ll see in the following 4 minute sequence of Cage at his most shit-your-pants crazy that Civilian sent me yesterday.


Treefiddy Review: Incubus – If Not Now, When?

The Down Lizzo:

After a FIVE YEAR hiatus, alternative rock / funk metal / nu metal band Incubus are BACK! That’s right! Incubus! Y’know, the guys who wrote “Drive” back when we were all in highschool and then released a slew of critically and commercially successful albums?

Hello? (Is this thing on…?)


Sick Tracks

They’re all pretty sick if you’re talking about the traditional interpretation of the word, like that pale kid at school with the dark circles under his eyes who looked like he might ralph at any given moment. Oh wait, I think I’m confusing my life with the Simpsons…



To everyone who dug the last short story I posted on this site, I have good news and I have bad news.

The good news is I’m writing another one! In fact I spent the whole of last night writing it and while it’s coming on nicely, it’s still got a way to go before it’s ready to be posted.

Which means the bad news is I got nothing to post today. Except this pic of my friend, SlickLion.



Sorry about that guys! Fucking time, I swear to God I never fucking have ANY of it, aarrargahrgahgr!

You’re awesome though. Please always read this site.


Easing Into Monday

Mondays usually inspire vitriolic rants from your Tiger pal about how we are nothing more than glorified corporate slaves.

After that I try to incite some kind of mass mutiny among the people who read this blog by suggesting they quit their meaningless jobs and go live on a tropical island, Survivor-style, where they can spear-fish and live in A-frame bamboo huts on the beach.



This Monday is different though. I want to share this cool video I found last night. Sure, it’s an advert for Canon, and yes, I feel a little dirty for regurgitating it shamelessly, but it happens to be a really cool video, so I don’t feel so bad doing it.