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Evil Dead 4 Bitches! It’s Awn!

The Evil Dead series will always have a soft spot in my heart because I was about 16 the first time I saw them and it happened at Woodstock II back in ‘99.

Me and my long-time buddy Ricky T hit the second Woodstock festival in SA on a quiet Thursday morning when hardly anyone was there yet, set up camp badly and proceeded to get as trollied as humanly possible, as you do at rock festivals.



At one stage or another we lost each other (inevitable) and I stumbled around with a blonde girl whose name I don’t even vaguely begin to remember, but I’m pretty sure she was a friend of Ricky T’s.

We found ourselves in this crazy little rondawel at the top of the Heidelberg Aventura resort where Woodstock was happening and there, on a big, old school projection screen was the most messed up movie I’d ever seen.



I was drawn to that shit like a moth to a flame. I lost the blonde halfway through the first Evil Dead, but that didn’t stop me from sitting through it and the strikingly similar sequel until well after sundown, completely engrossed in how simultaneously crap and awesome the movies were.

And now there’s a fourth one in the pipeline, fuck yeah!

Bruce Campbell, who plays the chainsaw / shotgun wielding Ash in all the Evil Dead movies apparently confirmed via twitter that a fourth movie is in the pipeline and what’s rad is they’re making it a ‘small indie thing’ like the first two were.



Dread Central broke the news first, so hit that site for more details.