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Graphic Novel Review: Chew (Vol.1 – Tasters Choice)

Chew01As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I used to read a boatload more comic books and graphic novels back in varsity than I do now, but ever since attending Free Comic Book Day a few months back, I’ve gotten hooked again.

So once in awhile I’ll be spitting these reviews out when I find a particularly sick graphic novel I think you’ll dig and first on that list has to be Chew.

Written by John Layman and drawn and coloured by Rob Guillory, Chew has to be one of the funniest, most twisted and original graphic novels I’ve read in years.

The protagonist, a detective called Tony Chu, has a completely bizarre superpower if you can even call it that.

He gets psychic impressions from the things he eats.



One evening his life takes a turn for the darker when the chef at a restaurant where he’s eating cuts himself accidentally and bleeds into the meal he’s preparing for Tony. One taste and BAM! Tony knows the chef’s entire life story, including the fact that he’s kidnapped and murdered 13 people.

And that’s literally just the first ten pages. Before Tony knows what’s hit him, he’s knees-deep in a case involving a missing health inspector, a reporter with the ability to make people taste the food she writes about, a portly, ass kicking FDA agent and a team of scientists stationed in the Arctic who spend the $34 million they get every year to fund their research getting totally wasted and partying with Russian strippers.

Chew boxes like a prizefighter, hitting hard and fast as the plot twists and turns through the craziest imaginable scenarios right up to the epic climax at it’s conclusion that is totally unexpected and leaves you hungry for more.



I wouldn’t even bother reading the rest of this drivel. I’m really not doing Chew any justice, just go out and read it, seriously, it’s fucking awesome and the art work is nothing to be taken lightly either.

Guillory’s meticulous attention to detail means you can easily miss all the visual gags Chew is packed full of if you aren’t looking for them, but when you are, finding them makes Chew all the more enjoyable.

I have Ricksaw to thank for Chew, awesome recommendation homes, thank you. And if anyone’s read Chew and would like to recommend something similar, don’t be shy.

Like I always say, if there’s one thing better than a great novel, it’s one with pictures Winking smile

Till next time.