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Easing Into Monday

Mondays usually inspire vitriolic rants from your Tiger pal about how we are nothing more than glorified corporate slaves.

After that I try to incite some kind of mass mutiny among the people who read this blog by suggesting they quit their meaningless jobs and go live on a tropical island, Survivor-style, where they can spear-fish and live in A-frame bamboo huts on the beach.



This Monday is different though. I want to share this cool video I found last night. Sure, it’s an advert for Canon, and yes, I feel a little dirty for regurgitating it shamelessly, but it happens to be a really cool video, so I don’t feel so bad doing it.

What you’re about to see is the result of someone covering a tiny speaker with a thin membrane and then dripping tiny drops of ink onto the membrane, playing music through the speakers and filming what happens next with super high speed cameras.



Watch that video with your headphones on at least five times to ease you into Monday and if you can’t watch videos, here are some stills to enjoy whilst listening to relaxing classical music (should have the same effect).





Happy Monday! Winking smile