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The Tree That Stalked Me


What you see on the left in this badass new formatting I’m going with to streamline the site a little, is a tree that has stalked me for the last three years.

I forget where I first saw the image of this tree but it’s the kind of image that sticks because, well, it’s pretty fucking awesome.

A couple years later I found this same image on another site with a pic credit in the bottom corner. After some Googling I found out this tree grows in Portland’s Japanese Garden and if you thought the tree was amazing, wait till you see the garden itself.

It’s like something out of an anime series. You wouldn’t believe places like this actually exist, play the soothing Japanesey music below from our friends Incubus (before they sucked) and check out these awesome pics.









Of all the trees in the world, I’m glad that one stalked me. It’s like being stalked by the Brooklyn Decker of the tree world Winking smile

Anyway, I must be getting soft in my old age posting all these girly pics of awesome places I wish I could visit.

Either that or I REALLY need a holiday.

Peace out party people, have a killer weekend.