How To Be A Functioning Alcoholic On Facebook

Drunk_06Before I even start this post, I feel I need to be straight up with you guys and tell you that all of what you’re about to see is shamelessly ripped off Sad And Useless.

Great. Now that I’ve got that off my chest, let’s dive right in to today’s subject matter, disguising your rampant alcoholism on Facebook, something that I know I for one struggle with.

It’s a known fact that the biggest downside of Facebook is that family and work colleagues can all see just how wizasted you got on the weekend by trawling your pics. Well, I’m here to tell you those days are finally OVER.

All you need is a couple of rudimentary photoshop skills and access to a gigantic database of cat images and you too can disguise your debilitating habit and fool everyone into thinking you’re a swell guy.

Confused about what the fuck I’m getting at? Me too! About time we switched to visuals so I can carry on mainlining vodka…











Now you know.


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