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When You Got Nothing Left To Lose…

1280_thumbI got this idea, this gigantic, fucking crazy-assed plan that’s been bouncing around inside my vast, empty skull the past two weeks about how I’m going to turn my life around and finally do what I was made for.

Of course, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not this idea is actually going to work. Like a lot of my half-baked plans, in real life it’ll probably look a whole lot different than it does in my head, but honestly? I don’t fucking care.

For the longest time, I haven’t been living, just killing time and telling anyone who’ll listen about how one day shit’s gonna be different. Always one day. Never today.

Some of us are born on top and some of us are born at the bottom, but it’s what you do after that point that really matters.

Me, I was lucky enough to be born somewhere near the top. I’ve never known hunger or homelessness or disability or disease. My concerns are the same concerns that have plagued the middle-classes for the last 100 years – how can I make more money to buy more shit I don’t need?



I could dedicate my life to that shallow pursuit, like so many of my friends and family have, and I could be good at it. Walk that time-worn path, climb the ladder one rung at a time, meet the right people, make the right friends, become fitter, happier, more productive…

And over time, I’d post less and less on this site. Set my mind to something that makes money, and the writer in me would wither until he’d be a raison of his former self, hardly capable of stringing a sentence together that could ever stand up to the thousands I’ve posted on this site.

Fuck that person. What a fucking jerk. Let’s never be that person. Let’s say fuck it right here and right now and start steering our lives in the direction we know they’re meant to be going in.



My buddy Lewis Pugh said to me you have to follow your dreams because if you follow someone else’s, you’ll never reach your true potential.

I got this crazy fucking idea and I’m charging toward it blindly because I got nothing left to lose and when you got nothing left to lose, you have everything to gain.

Your Tiger pal, he’s either really stupid or really brave.

It’s a fine line if there even is one Winking smile

Have a killer weekend party people.