Impossible Pool Trickshots

slow-motion-poolLike many guys who spent their formative years drinking in pool bars because they were easy to get into, I’ve spent countless hours playin’ stickball.

I’m a totally erratic player though. Sober, my strike rate is 75-80%. Two beers in that figure rockets to 90-95% and I start sinking shots that aren’t humanly possible.

But if I’m even one sip over that two beer threshold, my game turns into an abysmal display of uncoordinated fluff-shots that usually result in my opponent giving me pointers on how to play (which almost always results in me replying “Thanks pal. Go fuck yourself”).

Which is why I have a profound respect for anyone who knows their way around a pool table, especially the trickshot players you’re about to see in the two videos to follow.

Imagine the faces you’d melt off if you could get this shit right the next time you rock up at Stones. Man-o-man. The people there would start a religion because of you.




Intense shit right there. I seriously hope these tricks get these guys a ton of ass because to be that good you’d probably need to practise for about 18 hours a day every day for pretty much your entire life.

Or you could just make metal pool balls and rig the table with magnets Winking smile


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