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Okes Who Like To Klap It #13: Bromance Charnas

alex-romanoff-bromanceHazit ma charnas!

So I was surfing Vleisboek the other day for buff pics of okes I know who klap MMA  when I suddenly found a lekker video that says everything I was trying to say about how without your charnas, you are NOTHING in life.

You’ll NEVER have a oke to spot you for 120kilo benchpress, you’ll NEVER have a charna to help you spray tan that place where your arms can’t reach behind your back and you’ll NEVER have a boychay to tell you, “It’s ok boet, it’s perfectly normal, don’t stress my charna.  It will go back to it’s normal size one day, I promise.”

These ous in this video are flippin’ TIGHT! These ous would MOER ANYONE who messed with their boychays! These ous wouldn’t even THINK TWICE about helping one of their mates who had klapped too many brandy and cokes to undress and get into bed, even if it meant sharing and being the BIG SPOON!

Watch this video and take notes okes. There WILL be a quiz after the end.



You check that lekker *5 at the end there? Ja. I INVENTED that shit, BEST way to show a oke he’s your mate.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go find a boychay to watch these episodes of Grey’s Atonomy I just downloaded.

Flip I love that show…



The Fine Art Of Radass Nicknames

Captain and SlickI mentioned in yesterday’s post that I’m staying at my sister’s place in Holland right now which, on any given day, is a total maelstrom of chaos, energy and good times.

My sister has four kids, a son who’ll be 15 this year, a daughter who’s 13 and a twin boy and girl who are 8. They’re good kids, all of them, but the older two and I have spent the most time together.

The oldest son was understandably a bit bummed yesterday to read that the best nickname I could come up with for him was “Nephew No.1”, so we put our heads together to come up with something better.

Problem is, you can’t force a nickname y’know? It’s something that evolves naturally over time, you can’t just hit some random “Pimp name generator” (although it is fun) and take whatever comes up.

We wracked our brains. We consulted the Marvel universe, Dragon Ball Z character lists (we shared a love of that show for a good few years), we looked up famous people with his name, we looked up lists of big cats (and found some pretty weird shit, see below) and did everything short of performing a séance to find a nickname.



But nothing stuck. I went to bed last night with my head buzzing with ridiculous names, it reminded me of the 3 weeks I spent back in varsity trying to come up with a name for my band – SlickTiger And The Shitkickers. The band consisted of one member (me) until I reformed as The Hangovers with my main man Mr D and played two of the most epic gigs of my life, one of which involved smashing a guitar onstage (for realz).

Something from that name must have stuck because when I woke up this morning, this nickname came to me immediately in a “Hulk SMASH!” moment of total clarity and unwavering conviction.



Sure, it’s stolen shamelessly from The Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys, a movie that means nothing to either of us, but who gives a rat’s ass?

Captain Asskicker is a nickname that ticks the two most important boxes when it comes to nicknames – 1. It’s instantly memorable and 2. It’s badass.

Also, it does have some significance because I’ve watched The Captain wrack up more kills in a five minute game of Black Ops than I think I’ve managed in the last three days so there can be no doubt that the kid knows how to kick some ass.


And welcome to the site Knipogende emoticon