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The History Of Whistling

boss-photo-9The great thing about having your own blog is the fact that you’re essentially your own boss and no one can fuck with that.

As such, I gave myself the past couple of days off and spent them sleeping in late, catching up on series, indulging in an ALIEN MOVIE MARATHON and avoiding the rainy weather we’ve been having.

But now it’s time to get back to the serious business of populating this site with fucking incredible content and blowing your guy’s minds on a daily and sometimes twice-daily basis.

Here’s a video I just found of a buncha guys taking is through the history of whistling that I thought was pretty cool.



Not too bad eh? Only thing is they missed out one of my favourite whistling songs of all time which has to be Live with “Waitress”.

Anyone remember this song? Hello? (Is this thing on…?)



Have a wonderful day back at work! If anyone needs me I’ll be cowering under my desk, taking generous swigs from this bottle of drain cleaner I found in the storage closet.