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A weekend Playlist To Melt Faces

Face-meltThe weekend is just around the corner yo, so I thought I’d throw together a playlist of some of my favourite tracks to get your blood boiling.

It’s a crazy mix of a lot of stuff from the naughties that you might not have heard before. Nine Black Alps anyone? Scars On Broadway? Ida Maria?

If you haven’t heard any of those bands you need to hear this playlist. Of course I threw in a couple of greats like the Pixies and the Pumpkins in there for good measure too 😉

Gonna try make this a more regular thing, it’s like SlickTiger Radio, just put your headphones on and get ready to mop your face up off the floor.


New Muse Single Sounds Like… Muse

museI mentioned yesterday that Muse were going to debut their new single on BBC Radio One yesterday evening and I’d try get my filthy mitts on it for you guys and thanks to Civilian, it’s a done deal.

No idea why music sites reported that Muse were going to debut the single “Unsustainable” off their new album The 2nd Law, because they debuted “Survivor”.

Get used to hearing this one, it’s been selected as the official song for the 2012 Olympics which is awesome when I think back to the fact that the first Olympics I remember watching was in 1992 and the official song was written by Pavarotti.


New Muse Track Drops Today

2008MattBellamyMuseDC230312It’s a big day for Muse fans because at 7.30 this evening (British Central Time), the band is going to premier it’s new single “Unsustainable” on BBC Radio 1.

I’m more than a little anxious to hear what their new material will sound like having watched the trailer video they released for their new album The 2nd Law.

I say this because the trailer seems to suggest the band have decided to go the dub-step route on this album which is a pretty radical departure from, well, everything they’ve released thus far.


Are SA Internet Radio Stations Fluffing Their Listenership Figures?

detectivejpgAs a blogger I often find myself reading stats from other sites and wondering how, in the name of all that is holy, they manage to get numbers like that.

It’s a subjective topic at the best of times because if I look at this site, the figures WordPress gives me vs Google Analytics vs Afrigator are all different.

This creates a grey area that I think some bloggers exploit to secure advertising for their blogs, but that’s just my opinion backed up by casual observations and my gut feeling. When it comes to internet radio stations in SA however, the evidence that they’re fluffing their figures is far more compelling…


SlickTiger discovers What They Fed Smelly Cat – Nearly Dies

vlcsnap-45524I tweeted on Saturday that after 15 years I think I have finally figured out what they were feeding “Smelly Cat”.

Yeah, I know. Is that the best I can do? A post about cat shit? Well, I didn’t leave my flat all weekend so it’s pretty much the most exciting thing that happened to me.

See, J-Rab works as a vet nurse so she often brings cats home that she can’t bear to leave in cages all weekend because they are sick, wounded, or in the case of our newest border, pregnant.


Unsigned SA Bands, This One’s For You

Plain 500x500 GOTG #247E2E2Having gone to the varsity I did (the kind where you spend four years drunk), the only 100 Club I’d ever heard of involved 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes with no toilet breaks.

Believe it or not, I actually managed to achieve that admirable feat not once, but TWICE during my varsity career, BOOM!

But there’s another 100 Club I want to tell you guys about, it opened in London in 1942, has hosted some of the most influential artists on the PLANET during its 70 year history and is now opening its doors to one lucky unsigned SA band to melt faces there later this year.


Short Story: Vesuvius

volcano13-iceland-lava-aurora_22340_600x450So I tried my hand at another writing exercise, I get them monthly in the All About Writing newsletters, you should hit this link and subscribe as well if you’re an aspiring writer.

The word limit is 250 per story so you have to keep your writing as lean and mean as possible, which is a great exercise in creative limitation.

Oh and I forgot to tell you guys that my last submission won! I got a R200 book voucher that I donated to The Shine Centre, a place where they teach underprivileged grade 2 and 3 kids how to read.


Hilarious “Mushroom” Found In China

Mushroom2-1-Oh China, I swear to God it’s borderline adorable how naive you crazy cats can be. You’d think a country that has a population that comprises nearly a third of the entire planet would be a little more savvy.

But no, apparently not.

What you’re about to see is a news report about a large mushroom that was dug up by villagers in a rural part of China.

And sure, at first it might look totally legit. Until you look a little closer at the giant “fleshy” mushroom and realise it seems to have some rather strange-looking “growths” on the one end…



Okes Who Like To Klap It #16: Moer a oke for Jesus

jesuspunchCharnas. It’s time for us to have a flippin’ SERIOUS talk about religions because up until now I always thought it were about all that turn the other cheek kak and “do onto the other oke what that other oke do onto you” stuffs.

Well ma boychays it turns out all these time, your pel Slicky-T was WRONG!

Religions is not about being a nice oke AT ALL, religions is about getting MASSIVE AND RIPPED and MOERING the other charna STUKKEND until he loves Jesus.

How flippin BUFF is that?! A whole lotta okes in the United State have started a new kind of church where you get in the ring with a oke and flippin’ MOER THE KAK out of him for Jesus.


Desmond And The Tutus New Video (Zim Zala Bim)

ZimzalabimMagicians are badass. Well, maybe not badass, but they’re better than clowns. The only real-life clowns I’ve encountered reek of BO, stale booze and paedophilia.

Magicians are legit though, which is why I dug the new Desmond And The Tutus video for their track “Zim Zala Bim” which, you guessed it, is about a magician.

The video stars the same dude they used in the promo video for the new album, which some people thought was pretty damn funny (this guy) and others thought was basically the worst video they had ever seen. This video is a lot tamer, but the song itself is awesome.