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Python Eats Alligator (And You Thought Your Monday Sucked…)

yo-dawg-thats-fucked-up1There was a time when two good friends of mine, Peggles and Manfred, locked horns in a vicious battle to see who could find the most fucked up content on the internet to send to the other guy.

Collateral damage ensued as the foul shit that they unearthed got forwarded to us, scarring us in ways not even our psychiatrists can fathom.

The war eventually ended when Manfred hit Peggles with the 1man1jar video, and both parties backed down. Once in awhile though that sick, dark and twisted part of Peggles comes out and he sends a video like the one I’m about to show you.

Probably don’t watch this video if you enjoy sleeping…



Happy Monday everybody!