Tiger Bites: Vol. 4 (The Hives, Blood Red Shoes, Super Mario Medley)

tiger-biteHiya kids!

Slicky-T’s back with some more sick-ass videos he’s stolen shamelessly from the infinite grab-bag that is the interwebs and holy balls! We got us some primo content right here boys and girls, proper industrialstrengthshit.

This week I’m featuring the new Hives video for “Go Right Ahead” (the track that 5FM are murdering the fuck out of as we speak), as well as a seriously low-budget video from a band called The Unkindness Of Ravens featuring a blonde with a duct tape fetish 0_o

There’s also the new Blood Red Shoes single “Lost Kids” (a little obsessed with them at the moment) and to kickstart your weekend in the best possible way, a Super Mario 3 Medley that is guaranteed to warm the cockles of your cold, black heart.

So let’s get to it, shall we?



Dig this next one, it’s The Unkindness Of Ravens. Not sure if I’m totally sold on this track just yet, it hovers in that grey area between being utter shite and kinda cool.

I like the fact that the production (both of the video and the song) is super low budget. No digital gimmickry going on here, this shit’s rougher than a goat’s knee.

Thoughts anyone?



Ahh the Blood Red Shoes. This band can do no wrong in my eyes (ears?). I’d rate them right up there with Silversun Pickups when it comes to newish rock bands that are blowing my hair back.

Speaking of which, you can stream the new Silversun Pickups (Neck Of The Woods) here if you wanna give it a spin.



And now you just gotta kick back, close your eyes and get lost in the following vid. If I had to take guitar lessons again, this is the kind of shit I’d want to learn.



Watching those songs played like that makes you realise how fucking well-written they actually are. Mario 3 was always the best one, basically everyone knows that.

Have a killer weekend party people, see ya’ll on the other side Winking smile


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