First look – Super Mario for the Wii U

New Super Mario Brothers U TitleCan you believe that the pudgy, loveable Italian plumber that first won us over as kids back in ’85 has featured in over 200 games to date?!

If you read the full list, you’ll find classics like Super Mario 3, Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy, but you’ll also find a LOT of duds (watch this video, hilarious!).

I mention the duds because I just saw the release footage of Super Mario for the new Wii U (hitting stores in the fourth quarter of 2012) and I must say, compared to Super Mario Galaxy, it looks kinda lame…

Sure, I get the nostalgia factor they are going for here. From what I can see in this clip they’ve borrowed a LOT from Super Mario 3 which, to this day, is still a seriously awesome game. But there’s a danger of borrowing too heavily – you end up making a game that is nothing more than reheated leftovers.



Did that blow you away? Yes, no, maybe, I don’t know?

Can you repeat the question?


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