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Desmond And The Tutus New Video (Zim Zala Bim)

ZimzalabimMagicians are badass. Well, maybe not badass, but they’re better than clowns. The only real-life clowns I’ve encountered reek of BO, stale booze and paedophilia.

Magicians are legit though, which is why I dug the new Desmond And The Tutus video for their track “Zim Zala Bim” which, you guessed it, is about a magician.

The video stars the same dude they used in the promo video for the new album, which some people thought was pretty damn funny (this guy) and others thought was basically the worst video they had ever seen. This video is a lot tamer, but the song itself is awesome.



Happy Monday everyone Winking smile