You Wanna Bowl Against The Breaking Bad Crew, You Better Bring Your A-Game

miscellaneous-171613It’s no secret that I fucking love Breaking Bad and think it’s one of the best TV series ever written.

So I was pretty stoked the other day to learn that Season 5, which is billed to be the final season, is going to start airing in the States on July 15.

Until then, I’ll be posting whatever content I can get my hands on about this epic show, starting with the official poster that’s been released and this hilarious video of the crew kicking some MAJOR ass at a bowling alley.

First, the poster which is on a whole other level of badassery:



What a killer poster. “All Hail The King” in his brown loafers, sitting on a fold-up chair in a run-down shit hole surrounded on all sides by PILES of money and crystal meth.

Now onto the bowling video. It’s a longy, so maybe not the best idea to watch this one until you’ve left work (unless you have liberal bosses / no one can see your screen), but it’s a must see for any Breaking Bad fanboys out there.




Betsy Brandt is the bowling QUEEN! Loved her quiet, subtle revenge on that nerdist guy who made her roll a gutter ball, that is one EVIL woman.

T-minus 31 days till season 5 lands.

Hells yeah.


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