SlickTiger And The Gigantic kulula Paper Plane Invite

kulula inviteAs a kid, I prided myself on the fact that I could fold a paper jet that flew at such an incredible velocity that one time another kid made the mistake of stepping into its flight path and nearly lost an eye.

So naturally I was more than stoked when kulula delivered the flippin GIGANTIC paper plane you see pictured on the left which, as it turns out, doubles as an invitation to “The Most South African Flight Ever”.

This flight will comprise South Africa’s most diverse and representative set of locals who will all jet off together to celebrate kulula’s passion for travel.

But enough of that, back to the gigantic paper plane!

As you’ll see from the pictures below, the kulula ous took a lot of time to get the details of the plane right:




They even put a tail flap on this badboy, too legit!



After throwing the paper plane at a number of my colleagues and coworkers, then bringing it home and throwing it off our balcony at unsuspecting passers-by, I finally today decided to check out the FB app for The Most South African Flight,  which is www.facebook.com/iflykulula.

There you can officially enter the Most South African Flight competition and be a part of this historic moment when the most diverse South Africans you could imagine (“Calitzdorp clog dancers, Bloemfontein organic cheese makers, Durban bee-keepers, urban goat herders, hipster grannies, one-armed lesbian mud wrestlers from Springbok” etc.) jet off together into the sunset.

Best part of it all is that I’ll be there representing the anthropomorphised blogger / gym klapping community of lesser Vredehoek.

Bada bing bada bang!


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