Follow The Tiger’s “Hunter’s Longest Day” Journey Live!

hunters-dry-cider-chase-the-heat-600-25990Hiya Party People! You guys must be getting really fired up for the holidays now as I’m guessing at least 80% of you are going on leave today, hells yeah!

So be honest, you aren’t going to be doing a helluva lot today right? So why not watch your Tiger pal run around Cape Town with the Hunter’s Dry crew chasing the heat from sunrise to sunset?

If the iframe I’ve embedded below works you should be able to tune into a live feed of what your Tiger pal, a bunch of other bloggers, lucky FB winners and the Hunter’s Dry team are getting up to today in REAL TIME!

We’re going to be learning how to surf, shooting clay pigeons, going to the driving range, watching ous hang-glide and partying on a BOAT YO!

Check it:



Can you guys see that? If you can’t, hit me up on Twitter (@slicktiger) and I’ll try to fix it with the help of my trusty Nokia Lumia 900 while we’re chasing the sun today.

At the end of it all, we’ll be partying in Clifton so don’t be a stranger. After all, in the great and wise words of Madonna, “Holiday-eeee, celebray-eeeet”.

Later Party People Winking smile


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