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Vice Magazine Finds The Real Walter White

The Real WWSheeit, I might as well just call this the Breaking Bad fansite. I hardly post for three weeks and then it’s BreakingBadBreakingBadBreakingBad until your eyeballs are bleeding all over your keyboard.

But this video needs to be watched by you right now. It’s the story of the real Walter White – an actual meth cook who became a drug kingpin in the early 2000s before he was taken down by the fuzz.

It’s a helluva lot less glamorous than the show. For starters, all he did was cook the meth, leave it at random collection points and then go back the next day to collect a big fat wad of cash.

Seems like a nice enough guy though. Unlike Walt from the series, the real life WW became a full-on junkie though and is currently awaiting trial that could end in a life sentence in prison.

Check it:



Judging from his teeth and that gross thing growing next to his nose in some of those shots, this guy was definitely a meth addict, but was he the real life Walter White?

I’m a little sceptical. I seriously doubt his operation was anywhere near the scale of Walt’s in the series, but something tells me that real-life meth cooks are more like Badger and Skinny Pete than Mr White.