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Friday LOLZ: Animal Edition

tumblr_n1dmzyaiGX1r6pudbo1_1280What today needs is some crazy internet animals that think they are people. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s the reason the internet was invented way back in 2007 – to show everyone how flippin RAD animals are.

Animals have existed for well over 90 years in various forms namely flying, crawling, swimming and running. Their primary function is to provide LOLZ for mankind over the internet and taste delicious.

Animals were first discovered in their natural habitat, pet stores, where they begin their lives as tiny replicas of their fully-grown selves and spend a lot of time chewing (except fish, but they can’t be really classified as animals as they belong to the reptile family).


Friday LOLZ Cat Depression Edition

tumblr_mk4532YNjW1ql2603o1_500Easter has really thrown things off kilter here at SlickTiger Industries, so my apologies for the shocking lack of posting, things will be on track next week fo sho.

In the meantime, I’m eating musli, drinking green tea and wallowing in this weird funk that I woke up in today. I think I’m suffering from chronic cat-induced depression.

See, our cat is cheating on us. We’ve been in denial about it for some time now, but all the evidence is piling up and it’s getting pretty hard to turn a blind eye anymore.


Friday Lolz – The BEst 5 Mins You’ll Spend At Work Today (Except For When You Pack Up To Leave)

tumblr_mgsabecGzq1rytly3o1_500S’up Party People! Friday fuck yeah! How crazy has this week been? In fact how crazy has this year been? 2013 is not fucking around in any way, it’s here to kick your balls and that’s that.

So anyway, I dug up some pretty random stuff to brighten up your day today folks, hope you guys dig it, especially the first video which was doing the rounds yesterday for Valentine’s Day.

Also spare a thought for your Tiger pal today. I had root canal on Monday that is still fucking sore. God DAYUM! Anyone else out there had root canal recently? How much longer is this shit gonna last?!