SlickTiger Industries presents: Awesome Work Time-Wasters!

Think about how much shit we can DO in one day thanks to the advent of the internet, emails and direct messaging communication.

I mean holy shit, what took our grandparents two weeks to do (ie. writing, posting and receiving a letter) we can now hammer out in literally 3 minutes and we don’t even have to use VOWELS mthrfkkr!

But where’s the goddamn upside I ask you with tears in my eyes? All that time that we’re saving ourselves, we just fill it with more work, what a load!

Well, I say it’s high time we stick it to the man and take back what is rightfully ours! From now on every time I find an awesome work time-waster I’m posting the link up on this site and filing it in the new category I’ve created on the right called “Awesome Work Time-Wasters”.

Hold my hand. Let’s goof off for awhile. Starting with this little gem I found the other day called “Solipskier”.



Hit this link and make sure no one’s walking behind you as you jam this fucking intense stickman / skiing game and try to break my all time high score of 1,173,996 (see below for proof).



And feel free to submit your favourite time wasters as well (tellthetiger@gmail.com) and let’s see how quickly we can all get fired!


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