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Kony 2012 Filmmaker Loses His Damn Mind

russelSo it’s old news by now but in case you missed it, Jason Russell (creator of the “Kony 2012” viral video) had a bit of a whoospie last week Thursday and decided to lose his damn mind.

There are a couple of different versions of what went down, the worst of which say he got white-girl wasted, stripped naked and ran through the streets shouting and masturbating at the cars.

Less graphic versions claim he was just suffering from over-exhaustion and didn’t engage in public fappery, but almost all the reports I’ve read agree he was naked and had clearly gone shit-your-pants-mad.

I’ll admit that finding out about this startling development in the Kony 2012 saga left me feeling like a bit of a jerk for posting all those Kony 2012 memes last week.



It was probably smarmy, cynical douchebags like me who drove the poor guy crazy. But then again, what the hell was he expecting to happen?!

When you shoot and publicise a video as deeply manipulative and emotionally provocative as “Kony 2012” and use social media to market it to hordes of white-guilt ridden liberals with a call to action that they can fulfil by simply clicking “share”, of COURSE it’s going to explode on the interwebs!

You’d have to be either supremely naive or just plain stupid to not expect “Kony 2012” to get the attention that it did. Don’t put that shit out there if you can’t handle the backlash it’s going to create.

Here’s the video of the person who is allegedly Jason Russell losing his shit in the street:



How the mighty have fallen…

Stay tuned for the next exciting development in the “Kony 2012” saga.

I predict porn tapes and midget orgies.

Good times Winking smile