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Siff Ciggy Warnings

cigswarningsSouth African smokers should count their lucky stars (strikes?) we don’t have graphic warnings on the cigarette boxes in this country.

Until that day comes, I say go wild! Light up and puff away in a happy little cloud of blue / grey smoke, blissfully unaware of what lies ahead for the pack-a-day smoker 40 years from now.

For our compadres in Thailand it’s a little more difficult to turn a blind eye to the damage smoking does because every box of cigarettes sold there looks like the editors of supplied the artwork.

Yeah. Probably don’t read the rest of this.

It wasn’t until we were in the duty free airport heading home that we actually got a good look at the cigarette boxes in Thailand.

Any Dunhill smokers out there? If this doesn’t make you quit nothing will…



What in the name of everything holy are they putting in the goddamn cigarettes over there?!

Are you telling me that just smoking did that to people? Wow. I feel ill.

And if smoking did do that, then surely at some point you must wake up and think to yourself, “Huh. I seem to have a freakishly large, oozing sore on the right hand side of my face that gets steadily worse every time I smoke. I’d better cut down a little…”

If nothing else, those pictures are a powerful testament to the self-destructive nature of addiction.

Forget what I said earlier. Let’s none of us get to that point, ok?

You’re all too damn ridiculously good-looking to go down that road.