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Ladbrokes predictions for the Bulls vs Stormers game

DuwenageDewaldt110320-passesGbgAwhile back I posted about online betting site Ladbrokes which has recently launched in South Africa, but which is wildly popular in the UK and has been for no less than one hundred and twenty years.

The kind folks at Ladbrokes hooked your Tiger pal up with tickets to the J&B Met and gave him some tips on what horses to bet on which were scarily accurate.

So, with the big Stormers vs Bulls game coming up, I thought I’d post some of the odds Ladbrokes are giving for the game so you guys can win millions, split the loot with me and jet off to the Bahamas to go into early retirement.

Here’s the down-lizzo:

  • Odds of Stormers winning: 4/7
  • Odds of Bulls winning: 6/4
  • Stormers half-time lead: 4/6
  • Bulls half-time lead: 11/8
  • Half-time draw: 11/1

That’s just a little taste of what you can find on the Ladbrokes site. Head over there to get more odds (, open an account, put some money down on Saturday’s game and get ready to laugh all the way to the bank.



Got your back homes. It’s get rich or die tryin’ here on TFW (not to be confused with “Get rich tie-dying”, the dismally unsuccessful self-help book published after the acid wave broke in the mid 60s).




Tiger Bites: Vol.2 (Bosco Delrey, Screaming Females, Liz Green)

BoscoMemphisI know what you guys want because it’s Friday and I want it too – something, anything to kill some time and bring the weekend on a little faster.

Good new is I got just the thing for ya. This week is 70’s psychedelic stoner rock legends Bosco Delrey, weirdo grungey basement dwellers Screaming Females and old school acoustic blues siren Liz Green.

And then, right at the end of it all, I’m going to throw in something mellow to ease you into the weekend gently and who knows? Maybe give you something to smile about.

Let’s kick it off with ol’ Bosco Delrey first with their video for “Baby’s Got A Blue Flame” because it’s my favourite of the three and has a blonde bass guitarist that is going to completely fuck your shit up.



Next up it’s five foot hellraiser Marissa Paternoster belting out “It All Means Nothing” off the Screaming Females upcoming album Ugly.

If you don’t know this band I can almost guarantee you that when you hear … sing you will be overcome with a strong desire to punch her in the throat, but give this track a little time and play it again in a day or so and you just might have one of those, “Huh… it’s actually pretty cool” moments.

The video is pretty rough though. Maybe go back to whatever it was you were doing and just let the song play in the background.

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. It’s like she read my “Stray Cat Recipes” post and took that shit to heart…



We’re going to tone things right down with this sombre little piece from Liz Green. The video was painstakingly made entirely from paper and filmed with stop animation.

I think it’s on a whole other level. Definitely show this to your friends.

They will think you are very cool.



Lastly, here’s the surprise I promised. Are ya ready kids?

I tracked down the new Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros single for you, it’s called “Man On Fire”.

Admittedly it’s no “Home” but I still really like this song and am stoked they’re back with album number two cause number one was a real game-changer for me.



Have a killer weekend party people and look after your bad selves Winking smile